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Monday 16 May 2011

Pugs Not Drugs Tote Bag

Here are some facts about pugs, the bonky-faced clowns of the dog world.

1) They are adorable.
2) Decades of inbreeding have rendered them terrible at breathing, which is a real flaw with something vital to life.
3) Like a true Domestic Slut, they love eating, lounging around and welcoming visitors.
3) If you hit them on the back of the head, their eyes fall out.*

And now I can add: they are officially better than drugs. Gemma Correll's sweet tote bag comes in turquoise or black, and costs £12 from Hannah Zakari. Carry it around as a handy reminder to say no to drugs, and YES to pugs.

* I may have dreamt this.


  1. You've got a thing about useless animals, haven't you? First pandas, now pugs...

  2. I love stupid animals who essentially rely on their cuteness to survive.

  3. I adore Pugs! The boyfriend will be getting some not so subtle hints to buy me this bag when he gets home.

  4. I got this bag for my birthday last year. It makes me spectacularly happy. I would deffo have a pug if my boss would let me bring the wheezy little chap to work!

  5. They have a pug not drugs tee in topshop!

    If only the boyfriend would hurry up and buy me a real pug though!


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