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Thursday 19 May 2011

Smug mugs: Love mugs from Jme

I've devoured many of his recipes and admired his stance on school dinners but my opinion of Jamie Oliver will forever be flavoured by a traumatic visit to his Recipease store, near Clapham Junction. The combination of bread platters and balsamic vinegars and navigating all the customers' baby strollers had me running for the exit before I could scream "focaccia". It's a shame really because once you strip away all my prejudices, there are really some very nice things in the Jme collection.

Take for example these Love mugs. Designed by Andrew Bannecker for Jme, the blurb says they celebrate the "special friendship" of mint and lemon. Whatever, I say, aren't they cute? And don't they remind you remind you of the fabulous Garden Gang kids books?  Anything or anyone that can conjure up fond memories of Lawrence Lemon, Penelope Strawberry, Roger Radish and Wee Willie Watermelon deserves a second chance.

Well, to a degree. Sweet as the mugs might be, I don't think even the promise of a fortifying mint and lemon tea would be enough to convince me to enter the shore again. Instead, I'll be swallowing my pride - and the tea - and will be spending my £13 online.


  1. I loved those books! Lawrence lemon was awesome :)
    I haven't seen them or heard anyone mention them for so many years that I was beginning to think I'd imagined them. Good job!

  2. I'd forgotten them until I saw these mugs! Have a google for images of the book covers - they are sure to make you smile!

  3. I like the veg related birthday cards they sell in Paperchase, I think for that very reason. You know the ones with the terrible puns? Love em.


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