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Monday 9 May 2011

Sluttishly Stylish: Long Tall Sally Long Pearl Necklace

I love a string of pearls. I like the rattlesnake sound as you drop them into a little heap in your hand, I like the fact you can wear them as a tie, doubled up, or as a long, luscious, elegant string.

So why has it taken three years to see a simple string of pearls? The last one I had came out of a cracker (glamour fail, economy win) and since they broke I haven't seen one til now.

This set is £18 from Long Tall Sally. If you don't have a store nearby, sign up to their newsletter and you get 10% off and free delivery - now that's extra stylish.


  1. *snigger* pearl necklace *snigger*


  2. It's no good - I've just re-read the word 'string' three times and now all I can think about is thongs. :(

  3. Tsk Siany! How terrible that you thought of that.

    I absolutely did not come on to say the exact same thing. Nope. *polishes halo*


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