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Monday 9 December 2013

15 Fabulous Christmas Party Dresses

The most festive countdown ever. GO!

Let's kick off with Lady V London's black Hepburn dress. It's the perfect Christmas party classic. It just needs silver accessories and some red lipstick and retro hair. It's £38, and goes up to a size 28.

I'm not usually the biggest fan of Coast, but I am a fan of slinky dresses that make you look effortlessly fabulous.

This midi dress has just enough shimmer and sequins and not much effort at all. Yep I'll take that, French Connection. Brilliant straps. This would look gorgeous on tall ladies all over the Christmas Wonderland.

I do like this chiffon half-jewelled collar dress, it's fancy without being too in your face festive. It's stealth festive. The jewels also go around the back of the dress thus meaning they'll get constantly stuck in your hair all evening as a brilliant reminder of it being Christmas. It's £55 from Oasis.

If you're looking for something similar in a plus size, this ASOS curve dress has the whole sparkly neckline thing going on and it's only £31.50 in the sale and available up to size 26.

There is just the right amount of flocking on this skater dress. She doesn't look like she's wearing wallpaper. She does look pretty pleased with herself. The dress is also in the petite range.

Leather and chiffon probably shouldn't work together but it does. This little black dress is £140 of triumph, Warehouse.

I can't help feel that this floral skater dress would benefit from a little bit more cleavage, but I do like the colours together. Both very traditionally festive colours, not so frequently worn together. It's £55 from ASOS.

You can't have a Christmas dress feature without something silver and sparkly. Small boobs only for this backless ASOS dress - there's no way you can wear a bra with it. Shame, because the simple shape and blocky pattern is very much My Thing.

Here's Mrs Claus, all dressed up in Mango.

When in fact she should have opted for this drapey purple number instead.

Yep, we've featured this green brocade dress before but we remain convinced that it's the perfect Christmas dress. It's £95 from & Other Stories.

Speaking of & Other Stories, what I believe we have here is a fabulous party dress that's been styled completely ruined with utterly shit shoes. The Mulberry silk dress is actually lovely (nice back split too), but damn they're not doing it any favours. Heels and a giant beehive will do nicely.

Usually anything with waist cut outs looks a bit tacky (Lipsy are probably entirely responsible for the entire debacle). But this Jarlo maxi dress isn't tacky. It's got little covered buttons! It's got a deep V that isn't slutty! It's ace. I'd happily spend £85 on this. I might just. And I'll wear a coat out, because I don't want my belly button to get frostbite.

Saving the sparkliest, prettiest and until last, here's Joy's festive flapper dress. It's £125 and perfect for every single Christmas party. And since it's a gorgeous pale blue, you can get away with wearing it when it's stopped snowing. It goes from 'adorable snow bunny flapper' to 'spring wedding' very easily.

What Christmas party dresses have you bought? Show me! Show me!


  1. I'm not sure about that floral skater dress from ASOS. I think I'd probably get arrested if I wore it.

    1. It's such a beautiful dress, but it's photographed oddly - it looks much more demure on the catwalk video. (I love the catwalk videos!)

  2. That blue dress from Coast is absolutely amazing. Oh, to have somewhere to wear it and the money to buy it :)

    1. I usually hate Coast, I usually hate that cobalt blue. I absolutely adore this dress.

  3. Siany

    You are very funny.

    I would like the Warehouse and skater dress with flocking, too be longer (knee length).

    Talking of Coast, have you seen the Rita skirt? It is lovely.

    1. Aaaah, thanks Anon! Coast did a brilliant Limited range a couple of years back but it's never been repeated to the same extent or success which is a shame. They have it in them to be great, but it's all a little bit 'I work in the city and have a fancy do to go to'. (I used to work in the city and sometimes went to fancy dos.)

  4. So disappointing - I thought the Jarlo maxi dress had a bronze snakeskin panel at the waist, which I thought was amazing. Realising it was lacy cutouts was less amazing.

    1. Oh I love the lace but I see what you mean - that would look beautiful! Actually a little like this Coco Fennell dress, with the waistband:

    2. Yes! Just like that!

      The lace is beautiful on the dress but not actually wearable if you are *slightly* larger than model size as I am.

  5. The & Other Stories sparkly shoes are in the sale! £28 now and still all sizes left. Be warned though, delivery may take years - I ordered mine on NYE and they're only coming today!


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