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Friday 6 December 2013

Sluttery Sales Spy: Hobbs, French Connection & 20th Century Foxy

On Fridays we wear bargains. We also help me find a dress for a posh 'event'. 


Time for Tea dress, £65 (was £85), 20th Century Foxy

I've been excited to show you this dress for A WHOLE WEEK. That's a lot of excitement. I ADORE IT. 20th Century Foxy has excelled itself with this Time for Tea 1950s-style dress, which takes its inspiration from Horrockses dresses of yore. The print - all peas and onions and spoons and teapots - is adorable, and the fit and length of the dress is flattering on a great many shapes and sizes.

French Connection draped cowl neck dress, £30 (was £67), ASOS
Ooh, I do enjoy a cowl neck, although I end up with most of my dinner in it. Handy for when I get hungry later, I suppose. The colour of this French Connection dress is just lovely, and look: SLEEVES. I can't entertain anything less at the moment. I am so cold. SO cold, in fact, that my frozen fingers had to attempt writing the word 'ssel' 'esls' 'lses' 'sles' 'less' four times before getting it right. Brr.


Julian Hakes Mojito shoes, £109.99 (was £155), Schuh
Remember the Mojito shoe? So named because they resemble a curl of lime in said cocktail, they're a feat (feet?) of shoe architecture, and apparently surprisingly comfortable with it. Get them in black or cream from Schuh.

La Austen heels, £49.99 (was £99.99), Clarks
Clarks here, succumbing to the glossy magazine naming convention of prefixing every celebrity female's surname with 'La', and getting poor Jane Austen involved in the whole sorry affair. Next, she'll be pouring her curves into her Regency gown, before donning these La Austen heels to show off her enviable pins. I do like the shoes a lot, though, and they also come in mushroom (a taupey-grey to you and me).


Krystal Swarovski necklace, £52 (was £225), ASOS

"What are you wearing to the Christmas party?"

"Oh, I dunno. I was thinking of just wearing any old garishly-patterned oversized t-shirt with a not-very-flattering neckline and then throwing a huge fuck-off sparkly necklace that doesn't go with it AT ALL over the top."

"Sounds nice. I'm going for a black dress."

This was clearly the stylist's vision for this shot. I'm not an expert, but I wouldn't say it's been entirely successful. The Krystal Swarovski necklace, however, is a triumph, not least because it used to be £225 and now it's £52. 

Snowed In ring, £25.60 (was £32), Me & Zena
Did you get snow yesterday? I did. Just a wee flurry, but there it was, as if Delia had clicked her floury fingers over the city. Not nearly enough to warrant a snow day (get the whole bag of flour out next time, Delia!), but enough to make me covet this Snowed In ring by Me & Zena. That girl peering out of the window will be delighted to discover that it snows crystals in her neck of the woods.


Nica Vanessa bag, £48 (was £69), ASOS
Ah, pretty Nica bag. Why ASOS is describing this colour as mint, we will never know. Perhaps it is the lesser-known coral-mint, that freshens the breath of sea creatures everywhere.

NW3 Penrose bag, £39 (was £59), Hobbs
I'm into (looking at, not buying) tiny, impractical bags at the moment. Hobbs suggests this NW3 Penrose bag will fit "your phone and favourite lipstick, with a handy slot for your credit card and a zip pocket for your other accoutrements". I think we already know that my 'accoutrements' are too vast for a teeny bag like this. OH WELL.

What have you bought this week? I haven't bought anything, although I was supposed to buy a dress for a swanky awards ceremony I'm going to next week. HELP ME. I'll be going in a onesie and a bobble hat at this rate. 


  1. The mojito shoe is even cheaper one Secret Sales website this week! I know because bought them!!

    1. Ooh, thanks for the tip! Have they arrived? Are they comfy?

  2. Is it just me that thinks the Mojito shoe also looks like a cat? Because I love it all the more for that! Also that tea time dress is incredible!

    1. Seriously the toe bit is its tail, the heel it's front paws and the back it's little ears! I swear it's not because I've drunk too much lemsip

    2. I see it! They're little cat shoes!

  3. I have bought GREAT presents this week. So I can't tell you about them, because my housemates can read. Damn. One of them was in the Regal Rose sale and it's excellent.

    Also bought me a milk glass cake stand with my birthday money. Now I will make a million cakes.

    Might buy a nice ring with snow on it.

    1. I adore those milk glass cake stands you featured. Might get one.

  4. Re: swanky dress - is Girl Meets Dress worth a look? Lots of nice ones (though you do have to trawl as there's some hideous stuff too) starting from £30 to hire, £10 off first order and doing 30% off certain dresses until Sunday with the code ADVENT30. Have got stuff there myself for work dos before and it's been a really good service.

    1. Ooh, good idea, Laura! Great to know the service is tip-top, too. I may have left it too late this time (I am a disorganised party dresser), but will definitely check it out next time I have a swanky do. If I ever have another swanky do again...

  5. I can totally see you in this:

    1. I love it. It has a Hilary-esque shoulder. Very pretty indeed.


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