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Wednesday 4 December 2013

Brilliant Baubles

It's finally December! That means we can break out the Christmas Jumpers, start mulling everything in sight (even cake!) and get the tree up! Whether you go for the light-up plastic one, the garish pink feathered one or you're a stalwart real tree lover, those beauties will need some decorative love in form of pretty lights, tinsel and most importantly the glorious bauble.

Whether your bauble collection is just taking off, needs a little boost or (like me) you just can't resist the shiny, glorious, precious things then hopefully I've found a little something for you.

Can you believe this bauble is made of paper? Festive origami paper but still paper, it's like a mini Christmas miracle that anyone in the world had the patience to fold all those perfect little clusters of joy. I am made of want, it's £12 per handmade bauble from Fab and they also come in neon and speckled white.

Oh this apple bauble from Heals is divine! Perfect for that fairytale themed tree, just don't try to eat it - it's glass you foolish person. It's £12, as is the juicy pear version. If you're looking for some more fruity inspiration Butlers also have a rather fab glittery apple for £4.99 or Sainsbury's have a dewsome twosome of an apple and a pear for a mere £1.99.

Loving the crafty touch on this sweet buttoned bauble, it's £2 from your local ASDA and also comes in the opposite colourway, pink with blue buttons. After something in a more traditional? Ocado have a beautifully bright green and red knitted bauble for £4.99 (and it's currently 3 for 2!) , B&Q are keeping things warm with these cute little mittens for £3 or Paperchase has a box of 9 adorable multicoloured crochet baubles for £10.

Are these not amazing? These little mechanical rave bots are just adorable and the colours are perfect for brightening up any tree. They're £12 for all three from Paperchase and if acid neon isn't your thing they also come in a very traditional red, green and white. If you're more Land Before Time then The Jetsons then why not hang this rawr-some glass dinosaur for £6.99 from Butlers?

God this wooden snowflake is beautiful, it's like something the children from Narnia would hang off Mr Tumnus' little frozen antlers! It's £6 for one from Anthropologie and they come in a few different patterns. If you have a thing for wooden decorations John Lewis also have fat little figgy pudding for £6.50, there's a lovely classic pine cone cluster for £1.99 from Sainsbury's or a simple birch stag from Butlers also for only £1.99.

Wow could this bauble be any more in? It's neon and chevron striped! Selfridges is full of amazing fashionable finds for your tree and this baby comes in grassy green, lemon yellow and hot pink for £9.95 each. If the eye bleedingly bright bug has bitten you then there's also Tesco's amazing neon flocked set of 36 baubles for £3 whole pounds.

What's that? You want to get a bit crafty with your decorations? Well how about a do-it-yourself felt Gingerbread Man kit from Sass and Belle for £5.75, hmmm? John Lewis also has a number of DIY festive bauble kits including this kid friendly one for £6.50. Or perhaps baking is more your thing? Then these festive cookie cutter decorations are so for you (we may have a recipe of relevance coming up later today)!

Last and by no means least, allow me to introduce you to this little French Bulldog for £22.95 from Selfridges who is wisely advising us all to 'Be Merry'. I plan to name him Frederico and I hope he shall be joining me and my Christmas tree for much merriment and egg nog this festive season.

What will you guys be hanging on the tree this year?


  1. So far I have bought the glass Tardis from the BBC shop (as featured on DS a few weeks back) and an Eiffel tower snowglobe from Paperchase which is unfortunately no longer on the website.

    I am also in the process of making these: after someone at my WI group mentioned her partner was threatening to buy one and my reaction was "Best. Thing. Ever!" The original plan was to give some of them to family members but now I'm not so sure I want to...

    1. Wow, love that dino diy! I might have to try something similar...

    2. Thanks Frances!

      They look brilliant but are quite laborious to make depending how many colours you want to use - some of mine are on their second or third lot of glitter and still not ready! But equally you could just buy one colour of glitter and cover your entire dinosaur in that...

  2. I only buy one (OK two) special baubles a year. This time from the Liberty Christmas shop which is the most Christmassy place in the entire world.

  3. I am addicted to all of the things that can possibly be hung on a tree, and while I do have plenty of classy sort of style baubles, home made felt goodies and beautiful german glass birds, living in germany has also opened up a whole other world of ugly baubles - I received that glittery dinosaur as a present a couple of years ago. las year, not one, but two friends gave me glittery pink poodles in flip flops (chosen for being the ugliest they could possibly find) and i also couldn't resist the hotdog with glittery mustard. oh, and gherkins (based on some fake german tradition, apparently). I justify all of the ugly by telling myself that as long as they are glass they are still classy. no plastic baubles allowed.


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