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Monday 16 December 2013

Design Your Own Jewellery With Kinnari

Ever fancied designing your very own jewellery? Ever been too afraid to go into a jeweller and ask about it, for fear they either (a) laugh you out of the shop, (b) tell you it will be eleventy million pounds, or (c) both?

Well, fear no more, because - as ever - the internet has the answer. Kinnari lets you customise your own jewellery at prices that won't make you do Laura Dern Letterbox-Mouth Cry Face™:

What a pro.

Choose a base - either earrings, ring, necklace or ring - and then simply click away to change the metal, finish, size, style and gemstones.

Ta daa! I made this weave basket ring in approximately 3 minutes. Once you've made your piece, you can spin it around for a 360 degree view before adding it to your basket.

Hello, shiny pendant bedecked with sapphires and amythysts.

Hello, ring that looks like it's made of sunshine!

Right, that's enough from me. There's also a shop where you can buy ready-made pieces, like these drop oval earrings.

Prices start at £56 and happily spiral upwards to whatever your budget is. It's too late to order a customised piece for Christmas, but you can still order vouchers - and frankly that's what you'd want as a Christmas gift, right? Make someone's Boxing Day by getting them a voucher so they can ignore their family and design their own perfect jewellery. Or simply make your Monday by creating something you can wear in the new year.

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