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Monday 9 December 2013

Etsy Pick: Oh Squirrel

I'm a big fan of pointless. Not the TV show - although obviously, yes, I am a big fan of that too - but pointless bits and bobs. Nick-nacks. Ephemera. Objets. The thing about pointless whatnots and doobry-firkins is they are never, ever actually pointless. Maybe they're lovely to look at. Maybe they remind you of one of your happiest times, or a very special person. Or maybe they just bring a little joy into your life during a difficult patch. People - never the Domestic Sluts, I hasten to add - might tell you that you don't need pointless things. We know better, right? Pointless makes the world go around.

Quite high up the pointless scale are these fabric message tags by Etsy seller Oh Squirrel, and that's why I wholeheartedly love them. Imagine getting this You Are Bloody Brilliant tag on a present, or in a card, or - even better! - in an envelope, all by itself, from a mystery sender? I am squealing just thinking about it. 

I first came across Oh Squirrel's work when the lovely Lisa of Mathilde Heart Manech used this Don't Fret, It'll Be 'Raight tag to illustrate one of her always-excellent 5 Positive Things To Do This Week posts. Fans of Joseph in Wuthering Heights (does he have any fans? I doubt it) and the whole of Yorkshire will appreciate the use of 'raight' here. I think this would be the perfect little pick-me-up for a worried friend. I'd dangle it from my mirror, or hang it in place of my Magic Tree in the car (paging Oh Squirrel - scented ones would be good). I'd get pulled over by the cops for having something obscuring my view, but hey - I wouldn't fret about it, because I'd know that everything was going to be 'raight. 

Oh goodness, please don't. Keep going

If the tag says I'm wonderful, it must be true. And you're most wonderful, too. 

And you.

Yup, you too.

Uh-huh, even you. 

Remember sunshine? It's that thing that lights up the sky and warms your bones. Or, it's a person who makes you grin like a grinagog. Remind them how much you love them with this You Are My Sunshine tag

Each tag is £4.50 - there are a loads of different designs to choose from, so go and have a gander and choose a little something to brighten someone's day. Be sure to check out Oh Squirrel's cards, notebooks, and cuter-than-cute pocket mirrors, too. They're not pointless, but let's not hold that against them. 

All of these splendid photos were taken by Dianne Tanner. Take a look at the rest of her brilliant work.


  1. Ah I'm a big fan of Oh Squirrel - so happy to see Katie's work on here! :)

  2. These are just adorable! I am definitely going to be adding a whole bunch of these to my Christmas wishlist. xxx


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