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Thursday 12 December 2013

Top Christmas Food Gifts

Picture the scene, it's Christmas day and your loved one open their gifts from you. "Did you make this?!" they ask, with wonder and awe. "It was nothing" you shrug, cementing your status as a culinary genius, black-belt present-giver and excellent person. Sounds too much like hard work? Not at all! We've got tonnes of brilliant treats with which to astound your family and friends (or eat all yourself on the train home on Christmas Eve).

The Christmasiest of all the biscuits, gingerbread, just got more festive! Present your loved ones with a tiny edible village of gingerbread mug houses and you'll feel just like Santa. If downloading a template is a step too far in the Christmas rush, make some equally impressive stained glass window biscuits instead and if ginger on its own just isn't festive enough spice, try Speculaas biscuits.

These whimsical Santa hats hit just the right note of kitsch for Christmas, and would make the best gift for your Christmas dinner host. Now that you've had a taste for marshmallows, you have to make a boozy version. Cutting your marshmallows into festive shapes will add that extra special touch to your presents.

If you know someone who lives for that chocolate orange in their stocking, wow them with these chilli chocolate orange brigadieros. Chocolate truffles are a brilliant present, especially ones with Amaretto, or rum and Tequilla in them! White chocolate lovers will go crazy for snowballs and rose and gin chocolates.

Don't forget the mint chocolate, either! Peppermint bark is an easy, but effective, way to do it. Be warned, though, one piece is never enough! Likewise, chocolate salami - don't get too carried away with the taste testing or there won't be any left for giving!

Fudge and caramel are an awesome gift that everyone will love, even your dairy free friends are taken care of here. Use your favourite beer lover's favourite beer in fudge and you'll become Christmas legend, or try our super-simple white chocolate version.

A jar of something sweet is a lovely present, especially in a hamper (you've got enough recipes to make an immensely wonderful gift basket now!). Candied clementines are great for keen bakers and mulled pears would complement a perfect cheese board. Assuming nobody's overdone the sherry the night before, a jar of pink gin marmalade would be a marvellous way to start the day.

Oh, and what's the perfect accompaniment to any of these excellent food gifts? Drink gifts, of course!

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