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Friday 6 December 2013

Top Ten Christmas Party Cocktails

Hi, there, December, you gorgeous month. It's the time of year that it's completely acceptable (maybe even compulsory) to eat mince pies for breakfast, buy all the sparkly dresses/accessories/tree ornaments in the shops and watch The Muppet's Christmas Carol in your pyjamas. More importantly, though, it's time for parties. And loads of cocktails.

Let's start with fizz, shall we? Greet your guests with a Sussex Sparkler, Hugo or Purple Haze and your party will go with a bang. DIY Bellinis are a great way to get the party going, while the magnificently festive Poinsettia is just the thing to bring out the Christmas spirit in even the most Grinch-like of people.

A pitcher full of fruity cocktail is sure to make you popular at any party. Our NeverEnding Story themed Luck Dragon is ideal for scaling up, as is a London Sour or Mai Tai. Meanwhile, a jug of Pina Colada will always win you friends when the party's flagging and don't forget our legendary Sluttery pitcher.

It wouldn't be Christmas without a mince pie, so get in a round of Mincepie Martinis or Festive Fizz to really fill your friends with the festive spirit. Mulled gin and mulled wine are two Yuletide warmers that you simply have to serve at your party.  While Eggnog is another non-negotiable Chrimbo drink, Santa will check you've had yours before delivering your presents.

Had a bit too much Christmas spirit? Try a refreshing Londoner or English Garden to perk you up. A Tom Yum Martini is sure to improve your mood, while an Early Anniversary will wake up you and your taste buds. If all else fails, a Bloody Mary Martini on the morning after will definitely revive you!

If, like me, you find yourself irrevocably up the duff this Christmas, or you're the designated driver, never fear! Stock up on ingredients for The Innocent Slut and Sangrita and you just won't feel like your missing out. For a soft drink that you'll want to drink all evening, try our fresh lemonade. Oh, and instead of leaving mulled wine off the menu, try our fruity non-alcoholic version instead.

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  1. I was hoping there might be some no-alcohol versions and you haven't disappointed, going to miss my Xmas tipples this year but these will do the trick just nicely.

  2. Sussex Sparkler!!! Oh my goodness...i've been waiting for such a delicious drink! Amazing inspiration! :) Katie

  3. Definitely adding Sussex Sparkler to my list of drinks that I need to make.


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