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Tuesday 17 December 2013

Shop in the Spotlight: Boxbird

Recently I was enjoying a lazy Sunday afternoon at a friend's house, eating lots of food, drinking much tea and nattering about the mysteries of life, love and the universe (ok, so it was more likely Strictly, cake and her two cute little kitties). She told me she'd been lusting after the work of local Brighton and Hove artist Graham Carter whose work is available at Boxbird, a Hove-based print workshop and on-line purveyor of all things gorgeous for your walls. Like this strikingly pretty silk screened print inspired by The Red Shoes for £80 by artist Lucy Vigrass.

There's so many different artists available and I adore this sweet little print by Graham Carter himself irresistibly titled 'Windy Pops'. It's £75 and is dedicated to his son's love of windmills. Awww.

If you're after something that screams I LOVE NATURE! then may I suggest this simply lovely House in the Woods silk screen print by Hello Dodo? It's a purse friendly £25.

Everybody loves cake and as this circus bright print from Marcus Walters rightly says, 'Live Long. Be Happy. Eat Cake'. I certainly will! This cake filled with the cream of wisdom is £65.

Sticking to the food theme (when am I not?) can I just express my unbridled joy every time I lay eyes on this fabulous Cookie Monster print for £30 by Peskimo? All the monsters are so happy to be eating cookies! What kind of cookies do monsters eat any way?

How striking is this graphic print by Lee Baker? It's rather aptly titled Storm Black and White and, for £60, it's doing a bang up job of imitating my journey into work this morning.

And if you'd like something a little cheaper ,there's also some fantastic badges, notebooks and greeting cards, like this genius card and (sort of) badge from Sarah Ray for £2.50 and no, it's not rubbish.

I have recently taken ownership of two adorably cute black cats so this Cat Naps print really needs to mine RIGHT NOW. It's a purrfect £28 and also by Peskimo.

Here's one more from the man himself. I think I managed to spend a good few hours just looking at all the pieces he's done. They're so fantastical and full of little magical touches they are a pleasure to just stare at, particularly this print called School Run - if only my school runs resembled anything like this!

If anyone was thinking of buying a beloved friend or family member (or me) a beautiful print as a present for Christmas, their last day to order is the 19th December.

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