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Thursday 5 December 2013

Kids' Cartoons = Cool Clothing For Grown-Ups

Fashion seems to have gone all Saturday morning in front of the telly, and I mean old school kid's TV, rather than Saturday Kitchen. It's all bright colours and bonkers designs featuring some of your favourite cartoon companions - such as Bugs Bunny, Snoopy and Babar - and it's all definitely pitched at the grown-ups, rather than the kids.

This looks like a fairly normal pretty, flippy skirt until you peer closely and realise it's actually covered with a flying Snoopy pattern. Of course. It's taken from the range our friends Rodnik have done with Peanuts. You can wear Snoopy on everything from leggings to a body con dress. And it's surprisingly reasonably priced for a range sold exclusively at Selfridges - this skater skirt is £60 for example.

Lucy and Marcie get a look in too. Here's the Marcie on Egg jersey dress - a piece of clothing that has been given a self-explanatory name but is still pretty baffling in appearance. I kind of love it. It's £80.

Meanwhile Lazy Oaf have got cosy with Looney Tunes for a range that definitely requires a sense of humour from its wearer, and a brave spirit too if you're looking at this Sylvester and Tweety crop top for example. Being of a more wimpy persuasion I would go for their Big Bugs sweatshirt for £65. It's perfect for wearing to cosy up in front of the telly. Carrot snacks optional.

Though I'm also in awe of the bonkers brilliance of the What's Up Doc fake fur coat, £155. Wear, and risk being stroked by complete strangers on the street. And watch out for Elmer Fudd.

This Minion shirt is the wild card of the bunch. Not only is Despicable Me the most recent of the cartoons used, but I know very little about its maker, Sheinside - a brand I discovered through Pinterest. They're based in China but apparently offer free shipping to the UK meaning this shirt can be yours for only £19.25. Anyone have any real life experience in using them? This shirt is really quite cute, and they've got Bart Simpson too for a 90s touch of class.

It's fitting that the most gentle of the cartoons has the most gentle fashion item. This grey Babar sweatshirt features a classy black embroidery of the regal elephant. Made by Soulland and sold at The Goodhood Store, it's actually from their men's range. Buy a small size and I won't tell if you won't. It's £92.

It's almost Christmas - no-one has any money. But let's imagine that we do and that we are free to spend ridiculous amounts on ridiculous cartoon-themed shoes. In that case, let me direct you towards Charlotte Olympia's Archie's Girls collection, inspired by the Archie Comics. These Betty & Veronica shoes have brilliant pop appeal. They'll be £645 then.

And, finally, while we're still firmly in fantasy land let me show you the ridiculous joy of these Pez shoes. They were made by Camilla Elphick as part of her BA collection at Cordwainers, and haven't even been put into production yet. I could only love them more if they actually dispensed sweets.

What do you reckon? Does Saturday morning telly make for good fashion? And, what? No Dungeons and Dragons-inspired collection yet? Quick, get Philip Green on the line.


  1. Pez shoes! I love them so hard.

    1. They are amazing, aren't they? I don't think I've stared at a pair of shoes in admiration for so long in ages.

  2. Hi,

    The PEZ shoes will be available to buy at LCF''s College Shop from 11th Dec. All details here -

    1. Thank you! I spotted this earlier and added the event details onto our facebook page. How exciting! The whole event looks really good.

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