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Friday 13 December 2013

Sluttery Sales Spy: Tatty Devine, Warehouse & Joy

LISTEN TO ME. It's time to stop buying sodding presents for other people, and just buy yourself a whole heap of stuff in the sales instead. 


Stained glass dress, £24.50 (was £35), ASOS
No need to go to midnight mass this year. Just hover about in front of your living room windows wearing this stained glass dress from ASOS. Preferably while eating stained glass window biscuits. And drinking wine.

Bejewelled dress, £60 (was £80), Warehouse

First of all, I must admire this fabulous fringe. Second of all, I'm digging this bejewelled dress from Warehouse, because sparkles are good. Third of all, I'm pleased that I just used the word digging there, outwith the context of gardening. Down with the kids, that's me. 


French Connection mirror shoes, £32 (was £110), BrandAlley
Unfortunately, these French Connection shoes have made me sing Miley's Wrecking Ball over and over and OVER again, replacing the words 'wrecking ball' with 'mirror ball'. You'll all be relieved to hear that I have not been recreating the video during these renditions of mine.

Tapestry boots, £35 (was £69.99), H&M
These boots were made for weaving on a vertical loom, and that's just what they'll do... and one of these days, these boots are going to be woven on a vertical loom all over you. If you buy them, that is. I'm not foreshadowing a nationwide outbreak of extreme tapestry weaving. OR AM I?


Disco leopard skirt, £28.50 (was £95), French Connection
At first I thought this shiny marvel was called the Disco Leopold skirt, which would have rewritten history in glorious and exciting ways, and explained why the Duke of Albany was so quick to bugger off to Cannes when his wife was massively pregnant. Haemophilia indeed. Chronic addiction to les discothèques more like.

Louche Barney Waves skirt, £20 (was £36), Joy
Barney Waves. Say hello to Barney, everyone. This friendly skirt is perfect for winter, as it's inspired by Welsh blankets. Science has proven that just looking at something that looks a bit like a blanket will warm you up.

Science has done nothing of the kind. Don't believe a word I say.


Lotus Bud necklace, £48 (was £160), Tatty Devine
Off the model, this Lotus Bud necklace by Tatty Devine looks delightful but normal-sized. On the model, as we see here, it looks ginormous and oh-wow-that's-a-lot-of-perspex-and-colours-GIMME. Important Sum Klaxon: there's £112 off at the moment. Whee, etc.

Heart pendant, £7 (was £15), French Connection
Simple yet effective. Hopefully not an accurate likeness of anyone's heart, but very sweet nonetheless.   
What buyest thou this week? I got these glittery shoes, and they are spectacular. 


  1. The stained glass dress is brilliant - I had 5 minutes of my lunch hour left so it seemed rude not to pop online and buy it!

  2. The beautiful woven boots don't come in my (huge) size, and the beautiful blanket skirt has sold out. Sob! Way to ruin my Friday, Laura B!

    1. Oh no! If it's any consolation, the boots don't come in my big size either. It pained me to share them for the benefit of our smaller-footed chums. And boo to the blanket skirt being sold out - it's the Sales Spy Effect!

  3. I am wearing the bejewelled Warehouse dress for my Christmas party today. It's really beautiful! The picture doesn't do it justice - it's got a lovely drapey sheer back. Looks much more expensive than it is. Would highly recommend :)

  4. Oh, I bet you looked amazing! It's a gorgeous dress. Hope you had a great time yesterday!

  5. I have been very very good at buying presents for other people this week. BUT, while helping my parents with a 'things I might like to open on Christmas day' list, I stumbled upon these, reduced even further in the sale:

    YEP. Buying sunglasses in December. Brilliant.

    1. Oh look, they've fallen into my basket. I love those sunglasses and meant to buy them when they were first reduced. Glad I forgot!

    2. I know for a fact that my mum will think they're ridiculous and not buy them for me. We can be sunglasses twins! (Sounded cooler in my head.)


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