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Tuesday 17 December 2013

Wonderful Christmas Wrapping

I love wrapping my Christmas presents: festive music on, Christmas tree lights twinkling and my special festive twine. Even without going to Pinterest levels of ridiculous wrapping, it's possible to make any old pair of Christmas socks look festive with a nice bit of wrapping paper.

For example, take the gorgeous design shown above. Even if this Partridge and Pears wrapping paper failed to hide not even one gold ring (let alone five) inside, you'd still be marvelling at its loveliness. You can buy two sheets from Solitaire for £3.65.

Sluttery festive favourites Wrap magazine have produced some more of their wrap packs this year. Their Winter Animals pack is wonderfully festive in a stag/peasant/log kind of way and - perhaps even better than all those things - it's currently reduced at Howkapow. You can pick up a pack for £1.

On the high street, Marks & Spencer's wrapping paper selection is full of festive delights, such as this Christmas City wrapping paper, £3.50 a roll. Yep, that's exactly what London looks like this time of year. Peer closely and you might even be able to make out our dear PM Hugh Grant walking in front of the Big Ben tower.

If you don't like the look of Christmas City, head to Snowy Town instead, a whimsical winter wonderland. It's also £3.50 a roll.

Emma Bridgewater's Joy paper is packed full of joy, and that's even without a present inside it. It's £4 a roll from John Lewis.

I was cooing (rather like a partridge in a pear tree, or possibly a French hen) at Nancy & Betty's Gingerbread House in my Christmas cards round-up Gingerbread House. Good gingerbready tidings, you can get it on paper too. It's £7.95 for five sheets.

This paper fit in perfectly with another recent obsession - penguins! You can't get grander than Julia Davey's Emperor Penguin gift wrap, £1.50 a sheet. For a budget alternative, pick up Paperchase's penguin roll.

Aurelie Guilerey's Christmas Fun wrapping paper possibly wins the prize for the cutest paper of the year, with an adorable cat 'helping' with the wrapping and decorating (cat owners: that's what happens, right?). You can buy - as you might have guessed from the image above - two sheets for £3 from 1973.

Possibly more fun than the paper itself is all the extravagant extras you can add on top. Laura B has already extolled the delights of Papermash's washi tape subscription, and their Christmas selection is unbeatable. Their 24 roll glitter tape set makes me giddy with glee - if I owned that I'd probably collapse with over-excitement before Christmas. The thick bow washi tape shown above is also pretty fabulous for £6.50 a roll.

And no parcel is complete without a gift tag. Especially a robin glitter gift tag. You can pick up this rocking set of five for £1.50 from Paperchase.


  1. Oh dear, clicked on the Pinterest link and lost nearly an hour clicking from one amazing wrapping idea to the next. I clearly need to up my game this Christmas! x

  2. OMG I love that bow washi tape! How fun. xoxo

  3. Thanks for the mention! Some great ideas here!


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