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Friday 20 December 2013

The Definitive Christmas Recipe Roundup

The best bit about Christmas is the spending time with friends and family presents the food. We've done a lot of festive recipes over the years but this is our hugest, tastiest Christmas recipe compilation yet. Feast your eyes, there are over 40 recipes here!

First up, our previous Christmas recipe compilations. Christmas round up number one is where you'll find braised red cabbage, pecan pie and Joe Frogger cookies. Christmas recipe round up number two features honey glazed ham, sprout recipes you'll actually like (no, really) and our gingerbread mug houses. And millions of other things.

If you watched The Great British Bake Off, our Bake Off recipe compilation will definitely inspire you. Our jam and chutney recipes are perfect for presents and if you need more inspiration, our Christmas food gift feature is perfect and our Doctor Who recipe round up will definitely come in handy for visiting festive Whovians.

Before any serious cooking can get started, you'll need some savoury snacks. Beer and bacon nuts will do nicely. These gluten free cheese and onion tartles are tasty and very easy to make. Did you know in Poland they make fortune telling dumplings on Christmas eve? They're excellent.

Here's a token fruit recipe.

Peppermint bark! We've gone crazy for peppermint bark this year. We made a fancy version with cranberries, and a really simple bark as well. For those of you so sleepy and into your Christmas lazing about that melting two colours of chocolate is too much effort.

More sweet stuff! (Look, it's meant to be for sharing, don't come bitching to us about your sudden sugar crashes, HAVE YOU NO SELF CONTROL?) Obviously you need mince pies. Ours look like bow ties, because Matt Smith is excellent. Snowballs are tasty. Make some of those too.

Let's move onto all things biscuity, because we've got loads of recipes and they make brilliant gifts if you've *ahem* forgotten people during your Christmas shopping. Empire biscuits are great fun to make with kids, minty millionaire's shortbread will be a hit and our 3D gingerbread Christmas tree will be a brilliant party centrepiece until it's demolished five minutes after putting it on the table. And don't forgot our stained glass window biscuits.

Now, before we get onto the cake, we should talk pie. Caranutter pie is definitely festive. And pecan brownie pie is a sort of cake/pie hybrid that we're happy to eat all year 'round. Speaking of brownies, now is a great time to mention our after dinner mint brownie recipe. And for those folk who don't like mince pies and Christmas pudding, our spiced apple crumble and custard pie is the perfect pudding.

Santa hats! We don't know if they're biscuits or cakes. We don't really care.

Time for cake (or a nap, whatever). Yule log! You've still got time to make this speedy (and gluten free) Christmas cake and these white chocolate and cranberry cupcakes are so festive. And this carrot and treacle spiced cake is the perfect cake for people who 'don't really do' Christmas. Whoever they are.

And when you've finally, finally had enough sweet stuff, make our nutty date Christmas bread and have a bit of cheese. Spread some of our red onion chutney on it.

We haven't just made cake and snacks, honest. We've made things that you can have on your Christmas dinner. Like these cranberry and chilli pigs in blankets. And we've put edible glitter on bread sauce, that's well festive. We've also made a dairy free apple stuffing loaf and some gluten free dumplings. And for all of those leftovers? Don't put them in a turkey curry, try our Christmas spring rolls instead.

We need some booze! We've already done a brilliant Christmas cocktail compilation - these drinks are perfect for scaling up so you don't spend more time shaking and mixing than you do drinking and chatting. You'll love our festive double - Damson Sour? Brown Sugar flip? YES PLEASE. Don't forget our Christmas drinks gifts, they'll make your friends love you forever. We're definitely going to be making some sloe gin jellies for our favourite Christmas guests.

Whatever you're eating, whatever presents you're unwrapping, do it with excellent people. That's really the very best part of Christmas. Thanks for sharing another brilliant year of Sluttery with us, we'll see you in 2014!

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