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Monday 2 December 2013

Jewellery For Under £10: Sour Cherry

Confession: I like my jewellery to be cheap, cheerful, and a little bit silly. Not novelty pieces, but not potential heirlooms either. I would rather have a ludicrous diamante fox ring than a delicate Alex Monroe necklace, as beautiful as they are. I'd only break or lose something teeny and precious.

So hooray for my new discovery Sour Cherry, who make the sort of jewellery that will brighten up your winter without breaking the bank. Quirky, kitsch and made in Sheffield: whatever you're into, they'll have something for you. They have collections as wide ranging as Alice in Wonderland, video games, elephants, and - oh, glory - Mean Girls.

I love classic tattoos - on other people. This sweetheart tattoo necklace is an excellent way to show your love of old-school tats without making a permanent commitment. And at £9.95 it's cheaper than a tattoo parlour. It's cheaper than a compass and a biro, for goodness sake.

Missing our Doctor Who week? Show your love with this TARDIS and Dalek ring set for £6.95. Their whole Doctor Who range is worth exploring, especially if you're buying Christmas gifts for Whovians.

Hat tip to anyone who's drawn Frances for Secret Santa: these Vogue dress pattern necklaces are just £4.95. Perfect for anyone with a love of all things vintage.

At £5.95, these martini glass earrings are the cheapest cocktail you'll find outside of happy hour. You can get them as clip-ons too.

Any Mean Girls fans in the house? Show your love with this perspex That's So Fetch necklace. It's £7.95 and you can choose from 17 different colours. We can still make fetch happen!


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