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Wednesday 1 July 2009

Bag candy that's good enough to eat at Dollydagger

I love that retro clothes and accessories store Dollydagger has a section entirely devoted to pretty things for your handbag. I love it even more that they start from a mere two quid.

This Cherry Chocolate Truffle Lipbalm (try saying that with your mouth full) is certainly more interesting than a tub of vaseline. Probably tastes nicer too.My favourite is this Cherry Red Lipstick Pen. It's bound to raise a few smiles when you take this out of your handbag at the bank instead of a grubby biro.
They are hardly sophisticated and would probably look out of place in a swish designer handbag, but sophistication is a little overrated. Who needs to feel like a grown-up when you can have lips that taste of dessert and a kick-ass writing implement?

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  1. I own both of the above...both given to me as presents by friends who know me a little too well!


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