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Wednesday 1 July 2009

Shop in the spotlight: The Contemporary Home

I actually found The Contemporary Home in the latest issue of Ideal Home Magazine. Where have they been hiding?! Fun, pretty home interior stuff, that isn't too expensive. I'm really excited by this shop. And! You can search by colour! More online shops should catch on to that idea. Because I really do have days when i think "I want some blue spoons".

Here are my favourite things today:

I've been looking for a cake stand like this one for ages. It's only £15!

These magnetic spice pots are really lovely. Much more interesting than boring old jars. They're £19.99 and remind me of those pots of poster paint you had when you were a kid. Remember them?!

How much do you want this bright yellow jug? For orange juice pitchers of cocktails.

I'm going to be keeping an eye on this shop. And, of course, catching up with Home Shopping Spy which is written by the Ideal Home features writers Emily and Emma!

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