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Wednesday 2 September 2009

Shop in the spotlight: Let them eat cake

Some shops I love because they've got all sorts of exciting things everywhere. I like the little surprises they throw up. But there's also a little archive of shops I keep my eye on that do one thing and one thing only. And they do it very well indeed. Let Them Eat Cake is in the latter pool. Cake stands. Nothing but cake stands.

Cake stands like this crocus one:

This weeping willow stand might be my favourite:

This cavalier plate stand is really unique:

No! This little woodland animals one is my favourite! Don't make me choose! I want them all.

The prices vary, but you're looking at between £45 and £75. They're not cheap, but if you're looking for something really special, they're worth it. You only need one. I'd be very happy if someone bought me one of these for my birthday. Laden with cupcakes of course.


  1. We're going through a global recession and you blog about £75 CAKE STANDS?

    I can't believe your nerve! The gluttony! The opulence!

    You'll be first against the wall come the revolution, mark me!

  2. Ooh the Weeping Willow one is fab - really original.

  3. I can see these making lovely wedding presents! Someone can buy you the stand, someone else can buy you the cake.

    Maybe Domestic Sluttery should set up a wedding list service? ;-)

  4. These are so lovely! You're right about the wedding gift idea - or a special brithday maybe. I've got one of them next year!! Will start hint dropping! :-)

  5. and last Monday you showed us some nice ones from Oliver Bonas that are much more affordable at £20 or £30 - I like the modern one with 3 squre white plates:

  6. Are you sure that was us? I can't find the post!

    We don't always show very expensive stuff, but sometimes when the designs are this pretty (and we're talking vintage crockery here too) we can't resist showing you something extra special. Even if it is more expensive than some of the items we've featured before. It's good to have a mix!

  7. 'Let them eat cake' is an absolutely wonderful website. I graduated recently and my darling auntie (who was aware that I had lusted over these cake stands for months) sent the 'Chatsworth Peonies' stand to me as a very special present!

    I've lavished it with buns and scones at a girly tea party, and used it as an uber lovely cheese and crackers stand...but to be honest, I think the true purpose of a cake stand of such fabulous elegance is simply to be showcased on a shelf to be admired by all...

    Worth every penny ladies (though that's easy for me to say as I didn't have to part with the £65!)

  8. I bought a lovely pink stand from Paperchase a couple of weeks ago for a bargain £10. It's glass, two tiered and made a fab present for a friend who loved it.

  9. Wow, everyone buying cupcake stands! It's about time we tried out a new cupcake recipe then...

  10. I'm Clare from Let them eat Cake...

    Thank you so much for the post about our stands and the comments.

    We really want them to be special and believe me the price is worth the effort.

    You wouldn't believe how may shades of white there are until you try and match them!

    Let everyone eat cake x


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