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Monday 2 November 2009

Sluttish door policy: don't be a walk-over

Now that the wintry weather is truly kicking in, I'm in the market for a new doormat; here's my pick of the bunch:

The writing’s on the wall (or rather, the floor)

Here’s a clever update to the regular ‘welcome’ doormat you usually find in sleepy suburbia; one that changes it’s greeting depending on whether you’re coming or going. This mat does all the talking; it cleverly reads ‘come in’ as you enter the building and ‘go away’ as you leave – genius! Not the most friendly of doormats, granted, but nobody likes to be walked all over, right? All this and the natural composition (coconut husks, if you were wondering) ensure the mud is wiped off your boots, too.
Come In, Go Away doormat, £14.69, Nigel’s Eco Store (

Give your guests a right royal welcome

Create a bold and British entrance to your home with this fab retro Union Jack doormat from Heal’s. Made of hard-wearing, natural coir, you can welcome guests over the threshold with this patriotic piece, fit for a wiping even Ma’am’s feet on.

Union Jack doormat, £28, Heal’s (

This is a jolly nice mat…

Yarrrr. Wipe yer feet or walk the plank, ye scabrous dog! I love this plush Jolly Roger doormat, designed by Swiss-born Thomas Buchheim. The striking skull and crossbones motif, give it a somewhat rock and roll edge. Made from heavy duty strands of looped PVC, it’ll wipe even the scurviest muck off your soles and is also a doddle to keep clean.
Jolly Roger doormat, £25, Where Did You Buy That? (

Rockin’ Robin

And if you’re the type to change your doormat with the seasons, then this cute, Christmassy coir mat is the one for you. I just like it because it has a very sweet robin on it. And his legs are a bit like mine.
Robin doormat, £12, John Lewis (


  1. They're all so lovely! Especially the little robin one. But I don't think they'd last more than half an hour outside Domestic Sluttery HQ :-(

  2. Oh I love the union jack one! Can I put one just outside my room door? I don't want to actually get mud and stuff on t.


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