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Wednesday 4 May 2011

Trinkets from Amsterdam

For a long time I was very anti-Amsterdam: too many stag-dos, grotty hostels and seedy shop windows. That's until recently when I decided to pay it a visit as a grown-up and decided I was wrong and that it's really rather lovely. Buildings to swoon over, picturesque canals to cycle past, all the vintage shops a girl could want - pretty much a perfect city for adventuring.

Something of the charm of the city is captured in this Amsterdam jewellery stand, designed by Polli, and sold by Hannah Zakari. It's made in the style of some of the distinctive Dutch architecture from salvaged timber: those tall buildings certainly allow for lots of room for the hanging of necklaces and other trinkets. It's packed full of sweet touches, like a cute bike and railings with not a sex shop in sight. For the £45, you could probably grab yourself a ticket to Amsterdam. But then, when you get back, you'll want to buy this anyway to remember it by.


  1. did you eat krokets? I long for them. Have tried at home but I think am trying to make them too healthily.

  2. There's a CAT MUSEUM. It has real cats. This alone makes me want to go.

  3. Kath, I didn't have krokets (to my shame I just had to look up what they were). Now I definitely want to go back and stuff my face with spuddy goodness!

    I also seem to have somehow missed out on the cat museum.

    Oh well, that's two brilliant reasons to go back soon!


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