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Thursday 19 April 2012

Bag Lust: ASOS Mouse Bag

This is a bag that looks like it deserves a name. No, wait. Not it. He. Isn't he cute? I instantly want to call him Monty or something like that. He absolutely looks like a Monty Mouse Bag.

I truly have no idea why the model has that look on her face, but let's move on from that and look at the bag again. He's not leather, although he's doing a pretty good job of pretending. He's also only £18 from ASOS, which makes him a lot cheaper than these Charlotte Olympia beauties.

Cat shoes or mouse bag? Which is cuter? I think mouse bag. Which is good, since the cat shoes are £375.

Thanks to Anne Woollenberg for sharing the mouse bag with us via Twitter. He's adorable.


  1. Definitely the mouse bag! The cat shoes are a little creepy and way too expensive...

  2. Yes, I love it! It has that cute. "wonder-if-i-could-do-that" handmade look about it, too.

  3. The cat shoes have quite an evil looking face. Definitely the bag!

  4. The bag made me say "Squee" out loud, whereas the shoes had me arranging my facial features in the "off milk odour" pose - definitely the bag!


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