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Thursday 19 April 2012

Sluttery Travels: Ingestre Pavilion, Staffordshire

I spotted earlier that Landmark Trust have a bit of a raffle going on. They're giving away vouchers for their properties and their first prize is a voucher worth £5000. Amazing. Tickets are only £1 and in a minute I'm off to buy twenty. If I won, I think my first trip would be to the Ingestre Pavilion in Staffordshire.

It looks really good in snow, doesn't it? A bit like a little place you'd find in Narnia.

The inside is pretty nice too, isn't it? There's an open fire, and the place actually sleeps six in two twin rooms and one double (although I worry that there isn't a particularly decent photo of them - either this is an oversight or their bedding has been hit with an ugly stick).

Check out the gorgeous detailing. It's dreamy. I shouldn't get so excited about ceiling details, but I do.

It's reasonably priced, like all Landmark properties. You can stay from Monday and it's £644 for four nights. You realise that means per person it's less than £27 a night?


  1. "I shouldn't get so excited about ceiling details, but I do."

    After that feed line... Do you want me to make the 'on your back looking at the ceiling' joke? Or will you be doing it yourself? :)

    Having been facetious. It's worth punting a quid for a chance to win a neat holiday.

    1. That's not what I meant at all!

      Go buy your tickets, get an extra one for being cheeky.

  2. The Landmark Trust is the best. I stayed at one of their properties a couple of years ago. Made a silly video...


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