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Wednesday 11 April 2012

Kitchen Gadgets: Getting wired for sound

I don't know about you, but one thing I can't do in the kitchen is watch tv. Occasionally a laptop or an iPad might end up in there if I'm referring to the interflubs while cooking. But seeing how my cookbooks usually end up (pages looking like something's been massacred in close quarters and spattered all over them) means that I'm kind of reluctant to see any electronics go that way. So instead it's all about what I can listen to instead.

The best part of leaving a loved job many years ago was that my leaving gift was a DAB Roberts Radio.

I was pretty flabbergasted (turns out they were going to miss me!) There are many models and makes of digital radio out there but I've always been a bit in love with the Roberts, originally lusting after the FM version, a workhorse as seen in many a family kitchen.  This model has all of the original elements coupled with up to date tech inside and crystal clear reception.

Available in stores or direct from Roberts, it's (randomly) £141.80 including delivery to mainland UK. Not exactly inexpensive, but mine's been going strong for six years so looks like they're made to last.

If listening to podcasts and Spotify is more your thing, there are many speakers available that can connect wirelessly to your phone or computer and broadcast sound around your home, or office.

The main reason I really really like is that the Jambox is that to me, it looks like a big Lego brick. Anyone else see that?

Again this isn't cheap - in fact it's a whopping £159.95. On the plus side, the sound is great, it weighs less than 350g and you can continue to download software updates for it to keep it up to date.

Or purely for the cute factor, you could go for this FM/LW/MW radio which reminds me of the old Bush models.

It's from Coopers of Stortford, and it's currently in their sale for £29.99.

Slot in some chunky batteries and take it to the park along with a picnic basket filled with ginger beer, pork pies, and cream-piled scones.

Now I want a picnic for tea.

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