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Thursday 26 April 2012

Sluttery Travels: Yorebridge House, Yorkshire

Tucked away in Wensleydale, Yorebridge House is an impressive building. It's cosy, but without being poky. It was one a village school, but it's been spruced up into a very sexy little hotel.

There are just eleven rooms in the hotel, and this one is absolutely our favourite. The gorgeous attic canopy is making me have kittens. Do you think I could just move in here?

That bathroom is so perfect - the slate grey and purple walls are absolutely stunning. It's like a super swish countryside pad. Basically, my dream bathroom. I just need me a pile of magazines. There's even a little table by the bath. I'd love to think I'd rest a glass of wine on it. It's more likely to be a cuppa and a bag of Monster Munch.

This is the perfect hotel for a weekend getaway. You've got a gorgeous base to explore the dales, or just to cosy up all weekend. I'm not sure you'd get me out of the hotel once I'd arrived.

It's around £200 a night including breakfast via Mr & Mrs Smith. Anyone want to treat me? I promise I know all of the good driving games. And I'll share my Monster Munch*.

*That's a lie.

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