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Monday 16 April 2012

Pyjama party: Sexy Short Sets

My snuggly pyjamas are getting a little bit threadbare. I live in them most weekends (don't judge) and they're more than a little scruffy now. I need some more, but buying pyjamas in summer is difficult - you can't wear anything too snuggly when it's sunny and you definitely don't want anything with cute counting sheep slogans (why do pyjamas need sleepy animals on? I'm not six). I've been on a hunt for the prettiest short sets, sans cute and cuddly animals.

This silk short set is so sexy. It's a classic look that'll still look foxy in winter. They're £49 from John Lewis.

OK, so these bird shorts are pretty cute. But I love that Hush have matched them with the blue sweater. It's lazy sexy. I approve. The shorts are £17.50.

I know it's £70, but this camisole is so beautiful. I love the champagne colour. Everything at Glamourous Amourous is pretty! (And they have the best sales.)

Oh, why do I want the most expensive things? I'm actually not sure of the practicality of wearing a playsuit to bed. Both midnight trips to the bathroom and spontaneous sexytime would be somewhat thwarted. But gosh, so pretty. It's part of the Stella McCartney range at ASOS and it's £115.

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  1. I love Hush. Their sizes are quite small, I've found, so maybe go up a size for maximum snuggly comfort.

    That strappy John Lewis top is beautiful, but I know I'd wake up with it tangled around my neck. That's more slutty than sexy.


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