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Friday 20 April 2012

Dream Dress: Brown Pleated dress by Familiar Stranger

I've only recently started playing about on ASOS Marketplace. I already lose hours to research online shopping and I hadn't really caught the bug. Just like when Kat announced one day that she'd never even been on ASOS. There are only so many places a girl can shop. But that was until around midnight last night.

Now I'm coveting this pleated dress. Hard.

Isn't it yummy? It's by Familiar Stranger and it's the most elegant thing I've clapped eyes on today (although that's not hard, I'm wearing bedsocks and I haven't brushed my hair). It's luscious. Her waist looks teeny tiny and despite the fact that it's all high necks and lot hemlines, this is super sexy. She's not even trying.

It's a bargain, too. Just £55, and just an extra £9 to whoosh over from Hong Kong. It'll whoosh to you within 14 days. Sometimes Topshop take longer than that.

I think I just became an ASOS Marketplace fan. Excuse me, I'm busy until lunchtime.


  1. Ooh, this is lovely, if only I liked my arms enough to wear it!

    1. I think you have to be very tall to wear it, don't you? I just adore the swishy pleats.

  2. Pretty dress but after reading the feedback I'm not sure I'd trust them enough to buy anything from them!

  3. That's stunning. Definitely for tall, skinny girls though (rules me out!)

  4. It's beautiful in this picture however the other pics on ASOS are very different - disappointing :(


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