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Thursday 26 April 2012

Sweet Stationery from McDonough and Davies

As someone with a lot to say, I've got a lot of love for simple but effective cards at the moment. My absolute favourite thing about the Yorkshirefolk I know is their direct, no-nonsense approach to life, and this is very much reflected in the succinct but super-sweet messages in the card range by McDonough and Davies.

Based in Bradford, all of their designs are lovingly crafted in Yorkshire by Sarah Davies and Charley McDonough who graduated from Leeds University last year.

My favourite from the range is this 'It will be OK' card. Understated but just the kind of thing you need to send sometimes. Receive, too. It's £2.50.

If you can't resist using Kat's awesome guide to Leeds, you might find yourself hot-footing it on a day-trip some day soon. If you do, you're going to want to drag someone along with you. I reckon they'll love this 'Oh I do love a day out' card. It, too, is £2.50.

Sometimes, you want to say something lovely to someone even lovelier, but you just can't put your heart-fuzz into words. Don't worry, McDonough and Davies have done it for you with their 'Thanks to you, my life is full of roses' card. Give it to someone ace, or, you know, someone that has just bought you loads of roses. It's £2.50 as well.

All of their designs are coming soon to their shop, but for now you can buy them for various awesome shops in the Yorkshire area.

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