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Wednesday 11 April 2012

The Hotel Chocolat Easter Egg Sale!

How was your Easter weekend? Rainy and windy? It was a bit rubbish wasn't it? I bet you didn't get as many Easter eggs as you'd have liked either. I certainly didn't but that's because I was waiting for the Hotel Chocolat half price sale.

I want these Tiddly Chicks. They're only £2.75 now. I think I'd be a bit mean and bite their heads off first like jelly babies.

I wouldn't be happy though until I had a chocolate robot. And an egg that's been scribbled on. I'd have to hide this one from my kids though or be nice and share it with them. It's £6.

This Gianduja truffle egg though would have to be all mine. Dark chocolate and praline truffles are not for sharing. It's for you, a quiet space and your favourite book. It's £19 now.

There's other tasty treats in the sale. We won't tell if you buy just for you.

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