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Monday 16 April 2012

Etsy Pick: Yumalum

I call it new-house-syndrome. Nearly every thought that runs through my mind is consumed with how best to pretty up my new place. Despite it being a month now in my new place I am still desperate to make my stamp on the house. One easy way to add loveliness to a room is with one of these bright, colourful print from Yumalum.

A Catherine Holm inspired print using one of my favourite sayings (everything is "o'clock" in my world). Although tea would be more suitable for my tastes.

I actually have about 4 Polaroid's that I collected on my various trips around Car Boot Sales, including a Polaroid Land camera similar to this one. I think this might be a contender for potential wall decoration.

I also own a collection of vintage typewriters, although none as colourful as this print.

The moment I saw this print I sang squealed out the tune. I like the idea of having musically inspiration dotted around the home so that I can break into song at any given moment (much to the delight of my other half, I'm sure).

Priced around £19 from Yumalum, these prints are fantastic affordable way to add awesomeness to the home.


  1. Love them all. The last one definitely inspires sing/squealing.

  2. Love! Love Love Love.

    That is all.

  3. No way! I genuinely found these last week, and nearly bought the typewriter one. LOVE.

  4. I have been eyeing up these prints for so long (over a year now) I should probably get round to buying one soon.

  5. You should check this shop -


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