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Monday 23 April 2012

Paul & Joe Spring Lipstick Shades

I'm stuck in a bit of lipstick rut. I tend to wear the same shade of lipgloss all the time (Rimmel Vinyl Lip in the rather gorgeously named 'Snog') and I have done for years. I need a bit of a change.

Last year Paul & Joe did their kitty lippies and blushers, do you remember? Well as cute as they were, I'm not sure my lipsticks need ears and whiskers. Now they've gone and launched their Limited Edition Spring range and there are twee and teeny little paw prints on them. Oh, it's just too darn cute.

If these colours weren't perfect for me, I'd dismiss them as being too girly. But the pale pinks and browns are ideal for my pasty white skin pale English rose complexion.

They're £16 and you can buy them from Candy Candy - a teeny little accessories boutique based in Leeds Corn Exchange.


  1. *Hiss* Not quite as bonkers as the cat face lipsticks, but those little paw prints still creep me out. Toxoplasmosis on my lips? No thank you.

    1. Cat face lipsticks were a step too far. The little paw prints will disappear after a bit of wear.

      Dead nice colours means I'm apparently OK with smearing my face in cat parasites.

  2. Facegoop has spoilt them for me now!

    They are nice colours though, I agree there.


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