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Wednesday 4 April 2012

Sexy Socks

I don't really do socks. Except for today, and I'm wearing them over my tights because Sluttery HQ is freezing (oi, springtime, stop dicking around). Yet since we've been writing lots about brogues and shoes with cut outs, I can't help thinking that investing in some lovely socks is a good idea.

Miss Selfridge have the 'lovely socks' market sorted. These are £3! They're the kind of socks that I want people to see.

Oooh, they come in blue as well. I've never been sure about the whole 'socks with wedges and a cute dress' thing, but these are really making me come around to the idea.

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  1. Not in the same price range, sadly, but I've been pretty obsessed with Tabio's socks and tights range for years - pricy but good quality and nice designs! :)


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