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Thursday 19 April 2012

Sunshine stationery: Ben Javens

Like an unexpected cup of tea from a kind colleague when you're snowed under at work, the illustrator Ben Javens seems to keep popping up when I need cheering the most. And it works: each time I see one of his illustrations, my happiness level rises by approximately 88%. He was part of Wrap magazine when we wrote about it last year, and he gave these fantastic words of advice for the latest issue of Oh Comely magazine. Now those clever people at Nineteenseventythree have given him his own range of greetings cards and wrapping paper, meaning it's even easier to spread the Javens joy.

There are sixteen different cards to chose from, each priced at £2.50. Pick your favourite then send it unannounced to a faraway friend. A close contender for my top of the card pops is this Dancers card.

What would you say if you happened to bump into a giant? Why "hello" of course.

Or what about a totally enormous dinosaur, complete with a hat? See, Ben's designs just make you smile.

Look! Mr Dino's got friends. A herd of dinosaurs decorate this fab wrapping paper. Frankly the actual present may well be a disappointment after this. Plus the paper will only cost you £2.

And, hip hip hooray, the perfect thing to tackle the gloom of the April showers is the sun wrapping paper. Ben Javens stationery spreads a little spot of sunshine wherever it goes.


  1. I want to wallpaper a room in them, and call it The Twee Room Of Happiness.

  2. I want to go out dancing with the couple at the top.

  3. Oh those are great. All the card shops near me are rubbish so I have to order online.

    I think I might send my husband a card.


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