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Thursday 12 April 2012

Dream Dress: Spring Greens

My dress collection is all about blue and pink and purple and super bright colours, but I had a rummage about in into my wardrobe earlier today and realised that I have no green dresses. I would very much like a green dress. Yes, this a flimsy excuse to go dress shopping. Come on, play along.

It's that watercolour China print again. I'm loving this little mini trend. This summery dress has a cute little lace-up back and it's just £38 from ASOS. It's a definite wardrobe contender.

No, I can't really afford this Ted Baker dress. But ohmygoshness I love it. The digital print stops it from looking like a carpet and the pleats are all floaty floaty. I do love me a floaty pleat. It's £129, which is probably about £7 per pleat.

Joy have some particularly excellent green numbers in at the moment (no, I'm still not bored of their digital floral print). But this spotty dress is practically perfect in every way. I feel like I'd be invited to a polo match the second I bought it. it's £59.

It's so swishy! In any other colour, I think this summer dress might be a little predictable. The 50s shape makes me happy (I'm hippy) and it's one of those any weather dresses. I like any weather dresses, they make getting dressed much easier. It's £59 from Kiki's Boutique.

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  1. Delicious! Green dresses make me feel super summery.


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