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Monday 16 April 2012

Roses Are Red Means Treats For You!

Although I don't get to wear jewellery as much as I'd like, I can't help but treat myself every now and then to a new trinket. I like my jewellery to be pretty which is why I'm quite enamoured with Roses Are Red. This is unashamedly girly stuff. Like this gardenia locket. It has a solid perfume hiding in it.

I love the little swallow on the chain too. It's only £14.95.

Bored of unicorns? Try flaunting this handsome stag brooch instead. He manages to be lovely but not as twee as a unicorn. He's £8.99.

Seeing as I always wear earrings though, I think my first treat will be these swallow studs. They'll make a great change from my usual boring sleepers and at £6, that's a good place to start!

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  1. I love the gardenia locket. I've not seen that website before but I think I'll spend the evening creating a long wishlist!


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