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Friday 13 April 2012

Shop in the Shoplight: BettyLicious

Sometimes writing for Domestic Sluttery makes me feel like a crazy stalker, lurking around the corners of the internet in the hope of finding a juicy titbit that takes me to a new online discovery. Well, my stalking was rewarded with Bettylicious (found through a share on Facebook, thanks Anni!). It's a shop specialising in retro-style clothing - that's always fun, right?

What I especially like about this site is that while it doesn't have the largest selection, it's got quite a carefully chosen collection at a range of different price points. Long standing Domestic Sluttery favourites like Louche and Fever rub shoulders with brands like the new-to-me Eucalyptus, as well as US brands like Eliza and Ethan and Betty Page Clothing. And the clothes are gently retro, rather than strictly repro, which is just the way I like them.

Take for example this very pretty Margherite Dress, perfect for springtime (or winter with some great tights). Domestic Slut Sara would look lovely in this. It's by Eucalyptus and is £70.

My work clothes have been missing this Katie tie blouse from Louche. A nice old-fashioned look that would fit neatly into a modern wardrobe. It's £35.

More obviously retro is this Strawberry Dress by Friday on My Mind which is £54. It's like Snow White meets Wimbledon (think wholesome frolicking in the great outdoors, with a great picnic).

Been watching the new series of Mad Men where its gone all 1960s on us? Well, Peggy should definitely invest in this Dale Psychedelic dress. Prim and proper at the front, it's got a saucy cut-out back. This is £55.

Moving beyond the fancy frocks, BettyLicious - like any retro clothing store worth its salt - also has a good selection of swimwear and lingerie too. Take a look at this lace and satin bra from Kiss Me Deadly for starters. At £40, it strikes the balance between saucy and pretty perfectly. Wearing it would certainly make my internet stalking habits a million times more glamorous.

To paraphrase Cher from Clueless circa 1995, BettyLicious is all you need to look a total Betty.


  1. Oooh! Oooh! I can't decide which dress I want.

  2. I love the Dale Psychedelic dress, it reminds me of a peacock for some reason. I have just been browsing and I love the Skirts Ahoy dress too ( - which is strange because I don't normally do sailor and I never do white (I can't be trusted to not spill things down myself).

  3. Oh Frances, you know me too well - I was cooing over that frock before I spotted your comment about me! The Margherite dress is glorious.


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