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Tuesday 18 February 2014

Brilliant Bedding

Anything good that happens in this godforsaken month of February happens in bed: sleep, books, box sets and sex, if you're lucky. So it's also the perfect month to justify some new bedding. A pretty new duvet cover is almost certain to be more cheering than anything happening in the outside world. And, of course, you can order them all without leaving your bed (though you might have to get up when the postman comes to deliver them).

While that 'Love' sign can do one, I am surprised at my ardour for this Magnolia peacock set. Those moody blues work a treat, perked up with the bright colours and exotic flora and fauna. It's taken from Matthew Williamson's Butterfly Home range for Debenhams and a double duvet set is £60.

For a less showy kind of bird, this sparrow song set is lovely. It's made from organic cotton, and is at winner on the price front too, as a double duvet is only £31.95. It's part of West Elm's great range of bedding - remember their pintuck duvet set? I like their Ikat range too.

More birds! They're treated in quite an abstract way on Scion's Flight bedding, making for a crisp and fresh feel (remember: you will still have to wash it). Order it from John Lewis: a double duvet is £60 and the pillowcases £15 each.

The floral duvet is something of a classic British bedroom look. So pretty, but you might end up with the same bedspread as your parents. Go luscious, rather than twee, and you should hopefully fare okay. Pied a Terre gets it exactly right with their Amelie Roses bedlinen. A double duvet is £70.

And, of course, plant life doesn't have to be all about the pinks. This Shadow parsley bedset is very classy indeed AND it's currently reduced to £23.60. Well done Marks & Spencer.

Bedding is a great way to play about with pattern too. Feeling dotty? How about this design from the  House by John Lewis range? A double is £40.

Feeling, er, chevron-ny? This gorgeous citron yellow number is just one of the colour options available from the Living by Christiane Lemieux range at House of Fraser. They're all rather tasty, but on the pricier side, at £80 a set.

For patterns on the cheap, BHS come up trumps. This feather geo bedding set is only £24.

While most of Zara Home's current totally tropical collection seems a bit too cruel to suggest for the typically cold British bedroom, this embroidered percale bed linen is a nice way to get a bit of colour (and parrots) into your room. The duvet cover is £69.99 and the pillow case is £19.99. Beautiful new bedding sorted? Then simply snuggle down for a snooze, and dream of warmer, happier days ahead.


  1. Sparrow set is now mine! Quite steep p&p though -£8 - couldn't find a voucher code :(

  2. Excellent work Jane! West Elm do so many gorgeous things - we do wish their postage was less expensive though.

  3. Felt it only fair to buy one of their vases too whilst I was paying that much p&p...

  4. Some lovely things there! I would spend a ridiculous amount of money on bedding if I had the finances (and an OH who understood the beauty of soft furnishings...)

  5. Oh you KNOW I love a yellow chevron. Imagine if I bought that and put it next to that little West Elm table.

    1. West Elm do excel on the chevron front, don't they?

    2. It'd go great with these pink pillows:

    3. Yes, fab!

      Then you'd probably have to get one of these rugs too:

  6. Psst... just purchased Scion Flight bedding 50% off at Bedeck. Sorry, John Lewis.


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