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Wednesday 26 February 2014

Sluttery Travels: London's Best Boutique Hotels

London has so many gorgeous hotels. And indeed, many features written about its offerings. But every time I stumble across a list of London's boutique hotels, they're always high end luxury and often pretty massive. Yes The Charlotte Street Hotel has quirky decor, but 'boutique' it is not. The Sanderson is a gorgeous giant. Dean Street Townhouse has 39 rooms. They're all lovely, but here are some truly boutique hotels in London.

Hazlitt's, Soho
Hazlitt's is a perfect hotel. It's a 'blink and you'll miss it and walk down the street three times' townhouse in Soho. There's no hotel bar open to the public, there are only 13 rooms and for just a night, you'll feel like you've gone back in time to the 18th Century. Rooms start at £227 per night from Mr & Mrs Smith.

Rough Luxe, Kings Cross
The location is a huge draw for Rough Luxe. This part of Kings Cross is still more rough than luxe. You choose the level of luxury - right down to the wine in your room and the art on the walls. Prices start at £159 for a night.

40 Winks, Stepney Green
It's still the most fashionable hotel in London, and easily the most glam thing in Stepney (this isn't really a stretch). There are only two rooms and you'll have to wait an age for one to become available but I still want to stay here and I only live half an hour away. There are regular events if you can't wait, and rooms start at £120.

Church Street Hotel, Camberwell
I'm still so pleasantly surprised that this little south London neighbourhood has its own boutique hotel. Also very excited by Communion - their new underground bar. Prices start at £125 a night.

The Zetter Townhouse, Clerkenwell
I can't stress just how beautiful The Zetter Townhouse is. It's my favourite hotel in London. The bar is perfection (and their house red both affordable and drinkable by the bottle). Yes, that's a four-poster bath in that room. Prices start at £190 a night.

The Hide London, Hendon
I was surprised to find a boutique hotel in Hendon. It's not as luxe and fancy as some of the others on the list, but it looks good and prices start at £100 a night.

Russels of Clapton, Hackney
Oh, I love a hotel dog photo. Especially one one a squishy sofa. It actually aims to be a modern B&B and I like that. It's classy, it's not fancy. And it's only £98 per night with brekkie.

One Leicester Street, Soho
Odd as it may seem, there really are lovely places in Leicester Square. One Leicester Street looks absolutely perfect. They have 'after dinner rooms' which is basically a way of saying 'I'm drunk, don't make me go home, let's go out dancing!' It'll cost you £225, though.

The Fox & Anchor, Clerkenwell
One of my favourite pubs in London (even though it's always far too busy) also has rooms upstairs. And gorgeous rooms they are too. Get a room facing away from the street if you want a proper night's sleep - it can get noisy. Prices start at £120 a night but the Market Suite is only £160 so if you fancy spending a little more cash, plump for that one.

The Grazing Goat, Marble Arch
Another hotel to add to the 'can't be arsed to go home' pile (seriously, who can afford to do this so fequently that it's become 'a thing'?) To be fair, The Grazing Goat looks lovely, I might come here for my tea. And then I'll probably get the night bus home. If you decide to stay, it's £205 a night.

The Fox Club, Mayfair
The Fox describes itself as 'London's cunning alternative' (alternative to what exactly?) It's actually a members club, but non-members are allowed to book themselves into the lovely hotel rooms. Prices start at £200 which is pretty standard for Mayfair. Still, it's cheaper than The Ritz.

San Domenico House, Chelsea
There are only sixteen rooms in this quirky west London hotel. There are a lot of hotels in this part of town - Blakes, Number 16, No 5 Maddox Street, The Baglioni - but they all feel so showy. I like this townhouse for being a little bit different in an area where everything all looks the same to me. The prices are still suitable for Chelsea, though. It's £230 a night for a single room.

The Rookery, Clerkenwell
This is Hazlitt's sister hotel so obviously without having stayed here I think it's going to be splendid and never ever want to leave. Rooms start at £239 so it might be one that I save for a special occasion when I want to hide in a hotel room and abuse a minibar.

Fish Court, Hampton Court Palace
Give me a choice of all the fancy hotels in London and I'd probably still choose to stay at Fish Court. It's in a palace! It might not be a real hotel, but you can play princesses and knights when all of the tourists have gone home for the day. Fish Court sleeps 6 for £749 over four nights so it's a bargain as well. But hurry: they're not taking any booking after 2014 and I'd hate for you to miss out on staying in such a gorgeous place.


  1. Oh, that room at The Rookery is where I spent my honeymoon. You guys, it has a bathroom downstairs, it had columns. I refused to do anything but move between bed, bath and watching Harry Potter - ah, romance.

    1. It looks splendid. It's definitely on my 'to stay in London even though I live in London' list. I liked Hazlitt's so much, I can't see why The Rookery would be any different.

  2. Great post. Surely you could stay at each place, claim it on expenses and say it's for research right? ;-)

  3. I really glad to get this great list of the best boutique hotels of london. All hotels are so awesome and well facilitated. When i will go for travel in london, i will surely consider this hotels for staying.

  4. Brilliant list of hotels. Another you should have a look at is the Egerton House Hotel which is just around the corner from Harrods. Antonio, the head barman, makes the best Martinis.

  5. Really an awesome hotels of london. These all London's boutique hotels are so luxuries and amazing. The Grazing Goat, Marble Arch is one of the my favorite hotel where i stayed during my last trip there.


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