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Thursday 13 February 2014

Romantic Recipes for Valentine's Day

Valentine's day is a commercial pain in the ass, more than a little bit silly and a marketing dream for every single company with a mailing list. It's also a lot of fun. I can get on board with chocolates, red roses and pink hearts for a day. Here are our most romantic recipes for Valentine's day.

Oh hey, did we mention our bacon roses? They're one of our most popular recipes (you romantic bunch) and they're so easy to make.

Want something unconventional for your Valentine's tea? How about our rose petal masala? It's made with crushed rose petals in the spice mix so it's definitely suitable for loved-up curry fans. All of your favourite foods are romantic if someone likes you enough to make them for you. Even chicken nuggets.

Follow this with our rhubarb mess. (Look, if we put tasty food in a heart shape it's suitable for Valentines.)

Not spending Valentine's day with the one you love this year? Send them a tasty biscuit postcard (wrap it first, you don't want the edges to be nibbled by curious pigeons or a hungry postman.

This isn't any kind of sachertorte. This is a chocolate and raspberry Slutterytorte. Our rose and raspberry vacherin would be a nice alternative, if you're too busy shagging to do any baking.

More hearts! This time our marshmallow hearts are literally melting in boozy hot chocolate.

Not feeling the love this year? Smash these toffee brittle hearts to little pieces while thinking about your ex. (They also make a lovely present when they're intact.)

Instead of buying your loved one fancy chocs, make some instead. Try our rose and gin chocolates, or these mojito and margarita truffles. Suitably full of love and hearts and romance and kittens and adorableness and I love yous now? Then finish off the evening with a rose martini and do a little bit of snogging.

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