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Tuesday 11 February 2014

Geometric Gems

If, like me, you spend far too long on interior blogs - usually at the expense of your own home - you'll have probably seen the above cheery fellas. They're taken from Ikea's Brakig collection - a limited edition set of design produced in collaboration with ArtRebels. The collection is fabulously colourful and I'm especially fond of their gorgeous geometric trays and tablewares. The prices are Ikea levels of tempting too - a cup and saucer are only a tenner.

BUT. You can't order them online, and I'm not sure my love of that cup is enough to tempt me to brave a store. So I set out to find some geometric gems that are attainable without having to shift from the sofa. Because, you know, there are blogs to be read.

My favourite alternative comes courtesy of Paperchase. Yes, Paperchase - who knew they had such lovely plates hiding behind their greeting cards? Their Rika range fulfils my want for colourful patterns perfectly. This small plate is £6.

The range includes products such as bags and umbrellas and interesting other pieces of homewares as well as tablewares. The Rika storage pot is rather classy and only £10.

Ferm Living were the first brand I remember selling this kind of look. Their designs are still looking classy. This china cup is £13.60 from Made In Design.

I love the mix and match nature of this style. This Geometry teapot would look fabulous with all sorts of cups, and all types of tea too. It's £57.90.

Even your humble weetabix will look more sophisticated when presented in Da Terra's cereal bowl. Feel free to put more exciting things in it too. The bowl is £13 from Unique and Unity.

And, to complete the selection, Superliving's Amanda range is also definitely worth a look. This milk jug is £16 but the range also includes mugs, plates and a sugar bowl. Perfect for serving yourself a nice cup of tea and a slice of cake as a reward for having trekked out to Ikea. Or even if you haven't.


  1. I can't help look at those cups and think of the Mini Moderns backgammon designs - I thought they were new colours from those guys!

    1. Yes absolutely, me too! I was going to include Backgammon but I don't think they are reproducing it on ceramics at the moment. That is one gorgeous use of geometrics...

    2. Not that I'm suggesting Ikea might have been inspired by those chaps. Of course not.


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