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Tuesday 18 February 2014

Top Ten Hangover Recipes

Urgh, we've all been there, the morning after a bit of a drinking session. Prising your eyes open to discover that someone is shining all the lights of Vegas through your bedroom window. Finding that tiny men are doing star-jumps inside your skull, and somersaults in your stomach. Yup, you're hungover. Can we suggest a few remedies?

Hair of the dog is a disgusting term for a potentially successful cure. I'm pretty sure you just put your hangover on hold with this method, but I'm all for delaying tactics here. You can go for the traditional Bloody Mary or a Michelada, the beery Mexican version. If you're of a strong constitution, a Prarie Oyster might just do the trick. Otherwise, settle your stomach and blow away the cobwebs with a Savoy Corpse Reviver. If you really can't face more alcohol, try a Sangrita.

Still feeling dreadful? You need sugar and carbs. French toast is sure to help (cinnamon will help deal with nausea). Turn the comfort factor up to 11 with pain perdu or a slice or two of Nutella bread. Banana upside down cake would be a good idea, too, you'll need potassium for that dehydration. 

Eggs contain cysteine, which helps your liver flush out any remaining toxins you might have inflicted upon it. A baked egg roll will make you feel human again. Add tomatoes into the mix with huevos rancheros, or go for sweet potato hash to prove some vitamin C and boost your blood sugar. Smoked salmon Benedict or kegderee will rebalance your sodium levels and help banish that throbbing headache.

How about a hangover busting curry? A lamb saag curry could be just the job to cure that hangover. Vegans don't miss out either, we've got a curry-in-a-hurry to sort you out, too. It's probably the antioxidants in the spinach that does it, but the spice helps too, so if you don't like curry try some devilled mushrooms or Szechuan noodles instead.

If you've still reading, head in hands, gently rocking, maybe you need to go for the old-school fish finger sandwich or cheese on toast remedy. Then, drink as much water as you can, retreat under the duvet and try to block out flashbacks from the night before.

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