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Friday 28 February 2014

Sluttery Sales Spy: People Tree, Irregular Choice & French Connection

Rabbits and ponies and lambs, oh my! The wonderful wizard of sales is here again to lead you down the yellow brick road of bargains! 


Hey Presto dress, £32 (was £55), Sugarhill Boutique

This Hey Presto dress from Sugarhill Boutique is MAGICAL. No, really. Let's have a look at that print up close:

I love it. I also have I Wish by Skee-Lo in my head because of it. And...

... Now you do, too! You are so welcome. No, stop thanking me now. It's getting embarrassing. 

I went to have a little look at the lyrics just to check that I hadn't misremembered the rabbit in a hat line (OF COURSE I hadn't, duh) and came across these gems in the comments:

"I always felt like this song was a not-so-subtle criticism of Communist regimes. The symbology draws on Western values that overcame oppressive anti-materialism, especially in the post-Cold War context. It then becomes the optimistic anthem of an unrestrained world era."

Brilliant. Me too. Directly below it, this:

"I think that this song is about a guy who wishes that he was a little bit taller. He also wishes that he was a baller. And that he had a girl who looked good so that he could call her."

DON'T BE SO RIDICULOUS. Clearly this is not what the song is about AT ALL. Pah.

Louche Zaza pony dress, £30 (was £45), Joy

Unicorns last week, hornless unicorns this week (some people call them "ponies", apparently). Oh, and by the way - Joy's free unicorn dress offer is ongoing, so get to it, people.

I mean, you could tippex on some horns if you really want. Lord knows, I already have.


Irregular Choice Octavius pumps, £29.50 (was £64.99), Let's Buy Shoes

Spring has almost sprung (I have seen lambs already, everyone!), so we must celebrate by wearing rabbits not just in our hats and on our dresses, but also on our feet, courtesy of these Irregular Choice Octavius pumps. This all works out quite well with the calendar, doesn't it, because tomorrow is the 1st of March and we have to bound around shouting WHITE RABBITS like a bunch of loons. Might as well have pink rabbit shoes on while you do this, I think. Or black and gold ones.

Poetic Licence Barnard Oxfords, £35 (was £89.99), Let's Buy Shoes

Ooh, these are good. I couldn't decide whether to show you the greeny-grey or the purple, but in the end I came to my senses and realised that purple leather trumps pretty much everything else that exists in the entire world. So here you are.


Louche house skirt, £25 (was £39), Joy

More joy from Joy because, in my expert opinion, their sale is one of the best at the moment. This house skirt looks really long, but in the model shot it's just above the knee (the model's 5'10", but, whatevs). So it's not a marquee in real life, I promise.

Claudia skirt, £32.50 (was £65), People Tree

Hello, you're cute, Miss Claudia. Also you have pockets, or pockicks, as Tiny Laura would have called them. Big Laura sometimes calls them that too. Quite often, actually. OH OKAY, most of the time. LEAVE ME ALONE.


Louche Memphis bag, £30 (was £49), Joy

I do enjoy a tooled non-leather bag, like this Memphis bag. I'd probably keep a few tools in there. No, Hilary and Derren do not count as tools. HOW RUDE.

French Connection satchel, £35 (was £65), ASOS

I have absolutely no need for another satchel in my life, but, oh, I do like this tomato red one. I could just call it a laptop bag, couldn't I? Then there would definitely be a need for it in my life.

What have y'all been buying this week, my little lovelies? And has anyone else seen a lamb yet this year? (Those in the supermarket chiller cabinet don't count.) Let the Domestic Sluttery Lamb Census commence.  


  1. That French Connection bag is lovely. Cambridge Satchel Co does a similar one but it's obviously a lot more money. So buying the French Connection one is saving money, right?

    1. Right! However, my own yellow satchel - in the Cambridge style - is from a place called the Vintage Satchel Company and I would highly recommend them if you want a classic leather satchel. Prices in the £50-£70 range, depending on size, and a great selection of colours. Really good service, too.

  2. I love sugarhill boutique clothing, the only problem is they don't go past a 14/16, so now I am between a 16 and 18, I've no chance of wearing their cute dresses :(

    1. Their dresses are gorgeous. The brand has really grown in the past few years, so it may be that they are able to offer a wider range of sizes in the future. Fingers crossed!

  3. Nooo, that magical dress is perfect and is completely sold out. We have an event at work every year and I try to dress to match the theme, this year the theme is magic and that dress was perfect. Gutted I didn't get there faster!

    1. If you're a 12, there's one in reddy/orange left! - also a couple of blouses in the same design (not sure how dressy your event is, a blouse might not be right!) /

  4. From now on I too shall call them pockicks :-)

  5. I love Louche's fabrics but all their dresses are cut ridiculously small; their average 16 is more like a 12. Really wish more indie brands would be less stingy on fabrics

    1. I've always found them to be true to size. Actually, sometimes their 10s fit me and I'm a 12.


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