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Thursday 20 February 2014

Shop in the Spotlight: Sister Jane

Sea horses. That's what it took me to realise the delights of Sister Jane. We've featured a couple of their items before - they're stocked in ASOS and Topshop - but it wasn't until I saw their sea horse blouse in this week's Time Out, I thought to look up their own stop. Oh silly me, I've been missing out on some of the best bits, including scrumptious delights like the Living in a Cloud skirt shown above, currently on sale for a mere £19.

And did I mention the Sea horse blouse? Here you go. Even without the sea horse embellishment, this blouse would still have one of the prettiest necklines I've seen for a while. It's £45.

They have an actual physical shop too, in a gorgeous-looking converted church in Portobello in West London, making for the perfect day out: try on Sister Jane clothes, then hang out in the Travel Bookshop pretending you might bump into Hugh Grant.

Sister Jane do make dresses - I like the combo of the cut-out neckline with the fitted waist on this Fossil dress in particular (only £29!) - but I've taken more of a fancy to their separates.

Do I need an excuse to buy another sailor blouse? I'd better come up with one, as I really, really want this sailor collar blouse. It's £45.

I like the Moonrise Kingdom goes tropical feel to this Aloha bow blouse, which they've paired with a faux suede skirt. It would also look awesome alongside those Zara bedsheets I wrote about on Tuesday, though I'm not sure how the general public would respond to that ensemble.

Another thing I can't believe isn't already in my wardrobe: this geo net skirt. You get to flash a bit more leg without flashing your pants. Win. It's £55.

I've looked at a lot of coats this year but I think this Treasure Chest jacket is sneaking in right at the end to become my favourite. No sea horses here, just a classy look that's a bit different from what's on offer on the high street. And, at £85, it's within my coat budget. Nicely done Sister Jane.


  1. Just bought that pink skirt. The black one will have to wait until pay day...

    1. Excellent work! It's pretty hard to resist at £19, isn't it?

    2. It's RIDICULOUS. I noticed the sized come up pretty small - a large is 10-12. Still LOVELY stuff though.

    3. ooo, that's worth noting. And another reason for me to visit their shop and try things on (i.e. spend a day pissing about in Notting Hill).

  2. How odd. I like all the things except the seahorse blouse. You know how much I like seahorses.

  3. Shame they don't go any bigger than a 12.


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