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Tuesday 4 February 2014

Shop in the Spotlight: West Elm

Just before Christmas, US-homewares store West Elm opened its first UK store on London's Tottenham Court road. If you are in the area, I recommend a visit - it's brilliantly good. What's even more brilliant, however, is they've now also launched a UK version of their website making the joy available countrywide.

West Elm run the full spectrum of home bits, from beds to teaspoons, but they've got plenty of bits to homeify a rented place or to posh up Ikea pieces, until you get the home decor budget of your dreams. And, while not Ikea prices, their pieces pack plenty of fancy to the pound. The oval ceramic dish is £24, while the chevron stool at the top of the piece is £143 (the most expensive piece in the post).

They do an excellent line in impress your guests serveware. Prices for these dBo Pomegranate serving bowls start at £12. They're so called because actual pomegranate seeds were used to create the patterning on the edge of the bowls.

And who could resist an owl mug (or six) at £9 each?

West Elm started in Brooklyn, and their style is very suited to city living. Space at a premium? Try out their stacking planter for growing your herbs (obviously, being American, West Elm would pronounce that 'erbs). It's only £19.95.

The style is luxurious but in a very clean, contemporary way. Having this pintuck duvet set just might make me cut-down on the stacks of books, magazines and old coffee cups currently 'decorating' my bedroom.

My sofa, meanwhile, would love one of these colourful favourite throws. Prices start at £16.95.

There are loads of lovely bits to look at (go on, have a peek). West Elm is a welcome addition to these shores, and my home. Possibly not to my bank balance though.


  1. Hmmm...£8.00 standard delivery is so not cool though :(

    1. WOWSER. I found out that last week & Other Stories have £6 standard delivery, that's not cool. Basically unless I'm buying furniture, anything over a fiver for standard delivery stops me from ordering.

    2. No that's not so cool. I remember looking when you could ship from the States and it was roughly £25 then, so you would have thought they could get it down again...

    3. It's a shame as their collections of glass bottles are amazing...but it pains me to pay that much for delivery, to the point where I wont order. Hmph :(

    4. But I do love everything. That chevron stool is beautiful. I wonder if there's a little table to match. I'm in the market for a little table.

    5. Oh it is a little table/stool hybrid! My bedside needs one. It's not at all the practical piece I'd planned on buying, but nothing ever is.

    6. That would look beautiful in your home - I can picture it!

    7. I keep staring at it. The chevron and the parquet would all go in clashing directions. I can already picture Baxter sitting on it.


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