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Wednesday 12 February 2014

PS I Love You: Rediscover the joy of letter writing

Everybody, everywhere loves receiving a handwritten letter. There's something about the time and care it takes to write out your thoughts that means a whole heap more than a quickly bashed out email or an off-the-cuff text.

If you're lucky enough to receive one of our excellent Valentine cards or arty bouquets this week, why not show your gratitude with a beautifully written thank you note using this traditional wooden calligraphy pen from Pen to Paper. The pen is £2.70 and they also sell an incredible variety of coloured inks from J. Herbin of Paris at £6.25 per 30ml bottle. I'm very partial to the violette pensée and according to the J. Herbin site: "...This ink was made of methyl-violet, also used to disinfect wounds." That's history people.

If the mere thought of calligraphy brings back painful school memories of cramped fingers and ink blotched shirts then add that personal touch by making your own pen instead. This clever DIY pen kit is £20 with delivery and comes in a number of primary colours from Fraser Ross.

For other pens of note check out the cute designs on the eco-friendly Seven Year Pens at Liberty, so-called as they claim to last seven years.

Letters need not always be written on plain white paper (because, yawn), the internet is full of gorgeous themed letter sets like this Rifle&Co Global Greeting Stationery from Papermash. For £20 you get 12 envelopes and cards featuring one of 4 designs. Bella!

Forgot to buy any envelopes? Not a problem for this multi-patterned 2-in-1 letter set from Paperchase, all you need is saliva, rudimentary folding skills and a stamp. £5 gets you 40 sheets in four different patterns, which is a super bargain. Other sets that caught my eye: this World Map print set from Liberty and the excellent Science Book set made by Present & Correct.

Dilemma: you want to be less wasteful and re-use an old envelope. But you don't want your letter to turn up looking a shambles. The solution? These very smart address stickers from Blue Marmalade are made specifically with this problem in mind, they even have little Return to Sender stickers to cover up any old stamps. This underground themed box is £6.50. See also these cute Animal address stickers from Lollipop.

If your address book is starting to look as tired and old as mine (17 years old to be exact) then it's time to upgrade, I'm head over heels for this ornate Pip Studio Address Book from Amara, it's £13.95 with delivery. Or this Midnight Stem Orla Kiely address book from the Paperie is a very grown up alternative.

Lastly don't forget the stamps! The Royal Mail has loads of different collections to choose from, my personal favourite being this epic Dinosaur set for £6. For a trip down memory lane see also their new Children's TV collection.

Any avid letter writers out there?

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  1. Oh. My. I am in love with everything. When is national stationery week this year?! Need an excuse to purchase...


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