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Monday 3 February 2014

Petite Girl Picks: Jeans That Fit

Hello, my tiny friends. It's a while since I did a round up of the best shops for petite ladies, so I thought it was time to tackle the hardest of all purchases: jeans. It's impossible to find the perfect pair if you're over 5'4, never mind if you've got shorter legs to cater for. I can't be the only one who is continually looking for the perfect pair.

Below are some of the best shops out there, but I'd love to hear if you've found anywhere else, or want to give us a head's up on a particular range. Help a fellow shorter lady avoid wandering along the high street for seven hours, weeping gently, before giving up and going home.

Let's start with Uniqlo and their free jeans alteration service. All you have to do is get the waist size right and they'll take the legs up for you. As most petite ranges have a 28" leg, this is excellent news if your limbs are a different length. Choose from skinny, regular and ultra-stretch fit in a range of colours, priced from £9.90 to £29.90. And now they do Heattech jeans - immensely exciting, as their Heattech range got me through last winter.

This ASOS model is falling over with excitement on finding skinny jeans that fit! Hooray! ASOS have a great range of styles and fits, from slouchy boyfriend jeans to treggings, if they're your thing. They must be someone's thing, surely?

I've always been sceptical about Next - so many dowdy functional clothes - but lots of you recommended their petite jeans. Their website isn't easy to navigate but there's bound to be a Next on your high street. Just don't go on sales day. We're too small, we'll be trampled underfoot.

Well done, Topshop, on your excellent range of petite jeans. Lots of styles to choose from, in colours from gorgeous dark indigo to pale stonewashed blue. They've even got printed fabrics if you want something a bit different. My favourites are the petite MOTO black Leigh jeans, pictured. They're flattering, soft, and pull off the magic trick of being nicely thin without becoming leggings.

The maniacs at Dorothy Perkins are basically giving clothes away - these bootcut jeans are just £15 and get a reassuring amount of five star reviews from happy shoppers. Nothing in their petite range is more than £24 and they go from size 4-24.

Another excellent, affordable, varied range from New Look, from £8 in the sale to £27. I've got my eye on this high-waisted navy pair.

Minuet specialise in petite clothes (and models with half a head, apparently) and they've got a great sale on their jeans at the minute. Be quick as stocks are low in some sizes.

Gap are king of basics, and their petite jeans come with insane levels of detail about the fit if you have to buy online. Choose from skinny, bootcut, the ominous sounding 'velvet always skinny skimmer pants', and expect to pay around £45.


  1. Asda £10-£14 all different styles. They seem to do two different 'short' lengths, a short and extra short be careful ordering online! They wear fairly well, usually a thick denim (but I do find it varies batch to batch almost) do the indigo dark dye and easy to get hold of. Come second to Gap for me (I buy gap only in the sales), but as an everyday jean they're a winner.

  2. OK, so Next petite jeans have loads of plus points: high waisted skinnies, a good bit of stretch, good price, etc etc. But picture the scene: you walk through a larger branch and spy some jeans in the middle distance - something a bit different, dare I say it vaguely fashionable - maybe a leather panel detail, maybe a great print or texture... are those ones EVER available in the petite section? Are they buggery. Note to Next: petite does not mean dowdy. Petite does not mean frumpy. Petite does not mean we don't care what we look like. (And, as an aside, Next dearest, don't tell me they're available on your website, because I'd rather boil my head than navigate that maze. And what's with insisting you sign up to the godawful registration process... no no no no no.)

    But like I say, if you want petite indigo high waisted stretch skinnies, they're great!

  3. Dorothy Perkins petite jeans fit really well BUT they are a bit on the thin side so not fabulous for really cold days unless you have heattech leggings underneath. So they feel a bit on the cheap (thin) side but they don't really look it which is nice. Gap jeans are annoyingly excellent all the time and I am scared of Next but might try them if the jeans are ace.

    I'm basically struggling to find nice and flattering flare style jeans as a short person as once you take them up they have no flare any more. I am a bit stuck in the seventies sartorially so would love a good pair to wear with clogs come Spring (come on Spring). If anyone knows of somewhere that does a short flare do let me know!!!

    1. Gap's 1969 Sexy Boot Jeans look pretty flared - but I haven't tried them...

  4. I lived in Dorothy Perkins jeans when I was a student (they're often on 2 for £25 deals too). Now I tend to buy Gap ones when Grazia does a 30% off discount voucher - their Real Straight jeans are a brilliant alternative to skinny jeans, and I'm a big fan of their Curvy jeans as well which I tend to wear when I want something nicer or am not in a hipster-chic mood.

    1. I clearly have psychic powers, because there is a Gap 30% off voucher in this week's Grazia (and the magazine's only a quid!). Go fellow short girls, go!

  5. Love new look jeans for petites, im 5'3 and they have a perfect length and good quality. My favourite pair only lost a button after I wore them nearly every day for two years! Only place I go now, I would have to agree about next being scary....never understood the madness for the sale?!


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