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Monday 3 February 2014

Etsy Pick: The Blackbird Sings

I've been following artist and illustrator Natasha Newton's works in progress and cool transcontinental life via her blog and tweets for an age, thinking all the while that I've already written about her gorgeous paintings and prints here. Turns out I haven't. How remiss, how selfish of me. I must rectify my mistake at once.

The Blackbird Sings is Natasha's Etsy store, and it's a delight. Birds - as the name suggests - loom large in her work, as do the moon, stars, mountains... all my favourite things, really. We've already namechecked The Blackbird Sings as having excellent customer service - now let's examine its wares.

The Ghosts of their Departed Leaves 4 is one of my favourites. That bird is just so pretty. It's £18 for an 8x10" print, or £15 for an 8x8" version. The print at the top of this post is actually my absolute favourite, though. It's called Watching the Rain and it's £15.    

Imaginary Star Chart Number 8 is an original painting, which explains the £150 price tag. I find it so beautiful. I think it would look ace hanging alongside this moon painting - if only I had the cash. WOE. There's night sky-themed work for every budget, though, so all is not lost. 

This Bird with Trees painting is simple but so stunning. Just like me! (I'm kidding. Obviously I'm not simple. Nor am I filled with trees. Just secrets.) 

More rain! I love rain (really, I do). I quite fancy being at the top of one of these mountains, having a snowy, rainy, night-time picnic. And possibly a hypothermic incident. 

If you thought painting stones was something you only did when you were 6 and trying to create an oversized, slightly wonky ladybird, think again. Natasha's constellations stone is a grown-up version, and I really love it. I'd use it as a paperweight. Or an emergency WEAPON. Clonk. 

Check out this little lot of loot! For just £45 you'll get an original watercolour, two prints, a postcard, a painted stone, two mini-cards and a set of stickers. All this stuff should cost £70, so it's a merry wee bargain indeed. And if you want more postcard and sticker goodness, this nature and birds set will be right up your street country lane.

Go and have a good root about in Natasha's shop, won't you? And follow her on Twitter for sneak peeks at stuff she's working on - it's really fascinating seeing her paintings develop. 

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