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Wednesday 5 February 2014

Excellent Valentine's Cards for Modern Romantics

If you're going to send a Valentine's card this year, don't make it a crap one that you bought in the corner shop in a panic. Don't send someone you want to get naked with a Purple Ronnie card, not when you could send a brilliant card instead. I love the bones of this card. It's simple, it gets straight to the point and that font is quite lovely.

Nothing over the top about this 'you're nice' card, but that's what I like about it. It's £3 from Dig The Earth.

David Shrigley: always on the right side of creepy. Just about. It's £2.90 from Polite Cards.

No, wait. Slightly too far, David. This is sold out on Polite Cards, but you can buy it from The Freud Museum for £2.40. Don't send it to that chap you snogged last week.

But you could send him this one instead. It's £3.50 from Urban Outfitters.

Nuts about someone? This squirrel card is the perfect way to tell them. It's £3 from Hannah Zakari.

If you're going to send a card with a heart on it, make it this one from the V&A. It's blank on the inside (just like your mind will go when you have to actually write something charming and witty to the one you love) and it's £3.50.

OK, Paperchase. This one in a million card is quite cute. It's £2.25. Anyone else want to draw a dinosaur in all that white space?

It's a computer game thing. It's romantic, honest. It's £2.50 from Jane Cameron.

How great are these loved up foxes? This card is the cutest and just £2.40 from The Avant-Card Company. That's an excellent name for a card shop.

Not feeling the love for Valentine's Day? Then this Hope you choke card might be the one for you. Nice sentiment there, Red Door Gallery.

And if you want to make your single friends laugh? This anti-Valentine's card is £2.49 from Daft Squirrel and it's unexpectedly brilliant.


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