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Thursday 13 February 2014

Tea for me, Tea for you?

I may have a small tea problem. I can't seem to pass the tea aisle in any supermarket without picking up at least three new boxes of strange and wonderful infusions which then get added to my ever-expanding hoard of tea booty. Being inspired by Frances' geometric teapot earlier this week I decided I am in desperate need of a fancy receptacle to do all those teas justice. Well it doesn't get much fancier then this gorgeous art deco teapot from the Teapottery. It was designed by the Slovakian ceramicist Juraj Mihalik which explains the high faluting price tag of £77.95.

Tea time is a happy time for me and these frolicking pink flamingoes from Julia Davey will always bring a smile to my face. It's £40.50 including delivery.

How about a bit of romance with your cuppa? (it is Valentine's day tomorrow after all) Pour yourself a cup of regency steam with the elegant Darcy teapot from ceramic artist Alison Appleton. It's £55 and she'll even throws in some free tea!

I may not like to eat mushrooms (but don't let me stop you), but that won't keep me from falling in love with this adorable fairy toadstool teapot. It's a magical £28 from Cath Kidson. 

Speaking of teapots in the 'so cute it hurts' category may I present this sweet little feathered friend from Unique and Unity for £32.50? Trying really hard to think of a tea joke that uses the word tweetment...
Nope, nothing.

Ahhh the Breton stripe, a timeless fashion classic recognised the world over. So pour your hot drinks in style with this cool Joules teapot for £35.95 (including delivery).

For those times I'm not going to be able to drink an entire teapot's worth of liquid: I would very much like my tea to come to me disguised as a happy little monkey or deep sea diver. These little fellas are £13.24 (inc. delivery) from Firebox.

What's your tea of choice?


  1. i bought my father in law the tea monkey for Christmas but he said it was a bit too fiddly for everyday use :(

  2. Woah! That first tea pot is pressing all my buttons!

  3. Surely a feature on tea pots is not complete without the simple perfection of a Marimekko tea pot. I have been coveting their 'In Good Company' black and white tea pot for like, ever!


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