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Wednesday 5 February 2014

Yes I Cardi-Can!: Wrapping up the best Cardigans

Cardigans, as far as I'm concerned, are essential items for this time of year. The weather is indulging its fickle side and (when I'm popping in and out of super heated shops in a chunky coat all day) I tend to develop something of a sticky cold sweat that turns me into a massive grump. At these times I turn to the faithful cardigan. Warm but light enough you can shove it into your bag at a moments notice, they are the perfect cover up while the season decides what the bloody hell it's doing. And, who could fail to have their day brightened with something as happy as this whale cardigan from Yumi? He's £48 and also comes in navy and white.

Loving the tiled pattern on this colourful Hobbs cardigan which is currently a steal at £26 in the sale. It's clearly proved popular as only a few sizes are left.

Elbow patches are having a bit of a renaissance at the moment. Clearly we've all been wearing out our elbows much too fast for fashion to keep up so they've decided to reinforce our pointy bits. ASOS are doing their bit with these star patched cardi's for only £25.

More adorable animals with this this soft looking Louche cardigan that comes (in my best Eddie Izzard voice) COVERED IN BEEES! It's £39 from Joy but thankfully doesn't also come covered in honey as that would be sticky.

Cardigans don't always have to be cosy or cute, they can be all about the business too. As demonstrated by this exceptionally stylish cotton cardigan for £45 from & Other Stories.

I'm curious to know what this model has turned her disdainful glare on, perhaps someone has turned up wearing Louboutins to her comfy sandals-only party? Whatever the reason she will still look super cool in her sparkly shrug from Zara - it's £45.99 and comes in a handful of colours.

ASOS is calling this beast of knitwear a 'Coatigan' and, while I cannot and will not ever use that word out loud, I have to applaud the sheer fabulousness of this super sized cardi with its soft colours and lovely deep pockets, all for £48. I want to wear it always.


  1. Too expensive for my pockets, but I do LOVE the "coatigan" .... *shudder*

    1. I know! I kind of wish I had a sleeping bag made out of it, a Coatbagardian?

  2. I cannot describe how much I want to be COVERED IN BEEEEES! Laura


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